11 Things Your Restaurant Website Must Have

JMF Digital Marketing 11 Things Your Restaurant Website Must Have

The restaurant industry is one of the most competitive industries, which makes it even more important for you to build a website for your restaurant that stand outs. According to Restaurantdrive.com, 77% of all consumers check a restaurant’s website prior to visiting a restaurant.

A restaurants website should be built of a rich valuable information that is relevant to users. Users are time sensitive and want information in real time. Furthermore, this information needs to be relevant to what they are looking for, so they stay engaged.

Your website should be quite like your restaurants approach. You want to establish a unique way to display your food, while maintaining a great guest experience. Additionally, your may be a customers first interaction with your brand. So, putting your best foot forward comes a long way for the success of your website. According to Upserve.com, approximately 90% of online consumers research a restaurant before eating there.

Think of your restaurant’s website as the foundation to your digital marketing efforts. Typically, it is the first step a business usually takes into building an online presence. To make it easier and better for your online users, your website must be well designed and optimized. Below, are 10 things your restaurant website must have.

Contact Information

Customers must know how to contact your business. On your restaurant’s website, you must include your restaurant’s address, email, phone number, and hours of operation on the homepage. Make your contact information readily accessible for users on the header and footer of your website. This information is vital for a customer to take a profitable action towards your business. Additionally, it can prevent a lot of complaints and issues later.

Make sure you keep your hours of operation and contact information updated. To boost your websites local search engine optimization on search engines, ensure all your contact information is consistent on the internet. For example, your Google My Business Profile, or Bing Places, should also share the same information as your website.

JMF Digital Marketing 11 Things Your Restaurant Website Must Have contact information


According to Opentable, about 93% of consumers will look at a restaurant’s menu before selecting where to eat.

Nothing is more frustrating than going to a restaurant’s website and not being able to find a readable menu. Unless you are the occasional customer, menus are especially important to consumers in knowing what your serve. When customers look at a menu, they want to what food you have and for what prices. Your menu must be readable and clearly state price values and entrée information. Additionally, make sure you have a dedicated section and a downloadable version of your menu on your website.

To optimize your results, ensure you have featured or most popular dishes of posted on your website. Make menus easy to navigate for consumers by creating sections. For example, creating a beverage, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and desert section on the menu. This will add to the users experience on the website and lead to more sales.

JMF Digital Marketing 11 Things Your Restaurant Website Must Have menu

Customer Reviews

According to Upserve.com, about 92 % of consumers will read restaurant reviews. In addition, 33% of consumers will not consider eating at a restaurant with less than four stars.

Customer reviews are a great way to display your restaurants reputation with prospective customers. It is recommended to display your reviews on your website so online users can read reviews about your guest experiences. In addition, a restaurant can utilize a customer review section to solicit reviews from current and past customers, with the intention of boosting their reputation. However, this is not recommended if you have a bad reputation. Ultimately, the better you manage your reputation the better your website will perform in creating conversions.

Showoff Your Food With Images

Pictures are a great way to get your customers interested in what you are serving. Ensure that the images you take are high quality images, after all you are trying to sell yourself here. Images can giver users an expectation of the quality and quantity of the food you will be serving.

Images are great for a website because it is a great form of communication that captures online users better than a paragraph of text. Nevertheless, images on you display on your website can be shared throughout your digital marketing efforts to boost your online presence. You may find out that your dishes are hitting it off on social media and other sites like Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Pinterest, and more.

Throughout your website display images of your food dishes and guest experiences. Your menu should have images of popular plates. Try to give users an idea on how their experience will be with professional photos of events or dinners. Ultimately, when you are selecting your photos make sure you put the best photos on display since they will be representing your restaurant.

JMF Digital Marketing 11 Things Your Restaurant Website Must Have food

Online Reservations And Online Orders

One of the biggest trends with restaurants today is online reservations and the option to order online. Customers want to be able to skip the wait. With the rise of technology everyone wants things now. According to Upserve.com, more than 80% of restaurants have adopted online ordering and reservations to improve efficiency of their business.

By having an online reservation on your website, you are building a better guest experience for customers. You are preventing them from wasting their time waiting to be seated. In addition, long waits can discourage others from wanting to dine with you, which is another key benefit of online reservations.

Online ordering simplifies the ordering process for consumers. It gives them the option of ordering what they want without having to go into the restaurant. Online ordering creates convenience for consumer experience and should be a part of every restaurant’s website.

Mobile Responsive

Every website needs to be mobile responsive; restaurants are no exception. According to Search Review, 72% of all online searches for the food and beverage industry are from mobile searches. Ultimately, majority of a restaurant’s website traffic will be by mobile searches.

Mobile devices should take priority in the designing of restaurant websites. By improving and focusing on mobile device users, restaurants can capitalize on maximizing their results on through their website.

Email Subscriptions, Loyalty Programs, and Coupons

Customer incentives are a great marketing promotion to increase sales. Typically, the most common way to do this is by have an email subscription list. Additionally, you would add this to your website to solicit prospective customers to subscribe to your loyalty program to receive discounts, promotions, and more. Email subscriptions are a great way to stay fresh inside your customers minds, so they keep coming back to you. Customers are motivated to act on your loyalty programs out of fear of losing a deal or something of value.

Add A Google Map To Your Website

You should add a Google Map to your website to help direct visitors to your restaurant. By making it easier for prospective customers to find your business you are taking away to hurdles or reasons for them not to buy from you. Google maps are convenient for users and can help increase your local sales.

Tell Customers About Your Restaurant

An about section on your restaurant website is a great way for you to better connect with your customers. Share details about your company values, history, and accomplishments. By teaching customers who you are and what you do can help them decide on whether to be a customer with you are not. Plus, a company about page makes the website look more credible and legit.

JMF Digital Marketing 11 Things Your Restaurant Website Must Have guest experience

Merchandise And Gift Cards

Create more opportunity to increase your sales by providing customers the option to purchase merchandise and gift cars on your website. Merchandise is a great way for growing your brand awareness. Both merchandise and gift cards are great indication of customer loyalty to your brand.

Social Media

Social media is a great way to increase brand awareness and increase sales for your restaurant. It is important for a restaurant to include links to their social media accounts on the website. These links should be easily found either on the header or footer of the website. Additionally, these links serve a way to increase your followers on your social media accounts. Ultimately, social media helps restaurant business promote their goods and services, connect with customers, and learn from customer feedback.

Key Takeaways: 11 Things Your Restaurant Website Must Have

Websites are an important for the success of a restaurant in today’s world. Restaurants must adapt to consumer preferences to survive, be more competitive, increase the guest experience, and to grow their business. Websites can create great opportunities for businesses if designed right.

To ensure your website has the best chance at success make sure you include social media, its mobile responsive, you provide you contact information, etc. The better you make a customers experience on your website and carefully explain who you are and what you do. The better chances you have a converting prospective customer. Provide customers with opportunities to interact and engage with your business such as online reservations and online ordering. By eliminating hurdles for the consumers, they are more likely to buy from you.

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