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Nowadays, it is quite common for a business to have a website to solicit their information, services, and goods in their market. Many businesses see results and others do not. This is because they do not have a quality website that is tailored to meet their business goals.

A good website design has quality content for their audience, delivers a high valued user experience and interaction, is search engine optimized, and is continuously being improved.


Content is all the consumable information on your website that communicates your message to your target audience. With the right content, you can create a great website that appeals to your audience and acquires them to take a profitable action.

Many businesses or website’s owners seek the benefits of content marketing to further strategize their content for their audience. Great content must be both relevant and valuable to your audience. Content should be easily findable, understandable, readable, and credible for your audience.  

Content comes in many forms, such as video, images, text, audio, icons, and infographics. Strategically utilize different forms of content to connect with your audience and communicate your message. If done correctly, you will be able increase user retention and engagement.

Content on your website can be used to explain your company’s goods, services, and/or information. Typically, many businesses add blogs on their website so they can add additional information on their website that they normally would not put on a service or about page.

Content is a vital piece of a good website, which can impact the success of your website, user experience, interaction, and SEO.

User Experience

One of the key elements of a great website design is the user experience. The user experience involves the entire user’s interaction and perception of your website. To have a great user experience for your audience your website must be useful, usable, accessible, credible, desirable, findable, and valuable.

You can create a great user experience by learning about your audience and tailoring your website to give them the best experience possible. For example, adding the most relevant and valuable features for your audience to consume. Maybe your content answers all the biggest problems.

Without a good user experience, users can become dissatisfied and perceive your brand as untrustworthy. Many websites that are broken, have misinformation, slow to load, are not accessible or findable, have poor results. As a result, the user experience is key to your website’s success.

user experience

User Interaction

How will your audience interact with your website? Will your website have a sales or informational funnel that users can follow, or maybe they can interact further with your goods and/or services. Nevertheless, the user interaction should be a key element when you design your website.

To maximize your results, you must learn more about your audience. Do research some research by visiting your competitors’ websites and see how friendly the user interactions are. Learn ways to make your website better and to avoid mistakes from your competitive analysis. Put yourself in your users’ shoes or ask friends, clients, or relatives to critique their interactions with your website.

Anticipate where and how your users will interact with your website. Make sure everything is easy to find and is accessible. In addition, you want to use color to your advantage, like we do on our website. For example, utilize orange to grab user’s attention and bold colors for what you want your users to read.

By improving your user’s interaction, you will be improving both the user experience and the SEO of your website.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of creating and maintaining your website to appeal to both users and search engines. This effort is made to improve rankings on search engines for target keywords and phrases. As a result, SEO is imperative to a successful website, which allows users to find your website on search engines such as Google and Bing.

To improve your SEO, you need to ensure your website is structured logically. A website’s structure is important for search engines to crawl your website and for users to easily navigate it. This includes proper html tagging and urls.

Additionally, you want to strategically pick your keywords, use good meta tagging, improve your site speed and security, have a good user experience, and relevant and valuable content. Those are the fundamentals of having a search engine friendly website.

By having a good search engine friendly website, you can become more competitive and meet your business goals. SEO should be incorporated in all website designs.

Continues Improvement

Once you complete your website, you are not done. Having a good website requires proper maintenance and continuous effort on your part.

Overtime, your website will have to update, may develop bugs or malware, which will require your attention. As a result, you need to be proactive in keep your website secure and well maintained.

Additionally, your users and search engines will demand that you provide them with fresh content and news updates. Old and nonupdated websites send users and search engines a message that your website is no longer current or active. As a result, all your hard work of designing and creating a great website will begin to fade away.

Your user’s expectations and interactions will change overtime based off trends and interest within your industry. As a result, you need to adapt to the changes in your market virtually to stay competitive and acquire your audience.

Key Takeaways: 5 Elements Of A Good Website

It is important for you to have a website to standout, as a result we recommend these 5 elements of creating a good website for your small business: content, user experience, user interaction, search engine optimization, and continuous improvement.

All these elements impact one another and play a rule in influence the success and results of your website. Users click on your website to seek content that answers their question and provides them with solutions such as goods and services. They stay on your website based of your user experience. Your results are generated through the user’s interaction with your site. The better your SEO the more traffic you will get to your website. In addition, to the ongoing process of maintaining and improving your site as user taste change, your website, and search engine requirements.

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