7 Tips On Selecting A Quality Website Designers

7 Tips On Selecting A Quality Website Designers

75% of people determine the credibility and trust of a company based of their website’s design. In addition, 94% of online users first impressions are based off the design of a company’s website. 62% of companies increased their sales by having their website mobile responsive for online consumers.

Your website design has an impact on how well your website performs. Whether you are looking to improve your online presence, increase sales, or improve brand awareness. Ultimately, many businesses look to make investments into their website for a well-made design. After all, a website can open the doors to a lot of opportunities for businesses to grow.

In this blog, we will discuss why you should consider hiring a professional website designer and 7 tips on how to find the right website designer for your business. if you are interested in more information about website designing, then read our blog post “Quick Explanation: What is Website Designing?”

Why You should Consider Hiring A Professional Website Designer

Many business owners are not sure whether they should hire a professional website designer. After all, there are content management systems that make it easier for anyone to make a website without coding. However, this is true but there is much more to consider when creating a website, if you want it done the right way. Below, is a list of reasons why you should hire a professional web designer.

It Can Actually Save You Time and Money

When building your website, you must consider your business goals. What is the point of a website if you are not getting results? For your website to be successful you must be competitive with your website design, functionality, and features. It is what will keep your users engaged and turned into paying customers.

However, building a good website from scratch can be quite complex and overwhelming for someone with no experience. Most businesses that are looking for their first website are short on time and need to focus their efforts on managing their business. Ultimately, this is why many businesses outsource their web designing to professionals.

If you build the website yourself instead of hiring a professional, then you are risking the opportunity cost. The time you wasted building a website and saving on development versus focusing on your work. In addition, you must consider the time frame. If the website was done sooner, then how many sales will I be missing out on? Plus, you must consider the quality of your site and user experience. How many sales will be missed with my website design versus a professional design? Considering the alternatives is what pushes businesses in hiring a professional website designer for a premium price.

save money

You Are Not Experienced In Creating A Website

When I created my first website, I was quite overwhelmed with everything that goes into it. Despite, many companies telling you that you can do it yourself. Building a website for the first time brings a lot of trial and error. It is very time consuming and can be costly if you are paying someone in house that unexperienced to create it. Ultimately, I had to revise my website numerous times to get it right.

Websites designing is ongoing and continuous learning process for designers. Each time I create a website I learn something new. This is because every business is different and requires something different. However, as I gained more experienced, I got faster and way more efficient in delivering a website that creates results.

Websites are important for your business online presence. If you are inexperienced, it will probably take some time to really get somewhere and learn the basics. For example, when you are creating content for your website you must consider your audience, as well as search engines. In addition, you must strategically create a layout of your website to maximize the user experience and make your website easily readable by search engines.

Ultimately, there are more to websites then just a simple design. Even templates or themes need to be tailored to a specific business. As a result, you should hire a professional web designer to avoid any hiccups and failures of your website. You will probably even save more money if you consider your pay and time wasted.

7 Tips On Selecting A Quality Website Designers websites are complicated

You Do Not Know How To Optimize Your Website For Results

Your website should be built off your business goals. What are you trying to achieve with your website? How will your website be created to meet these goals? If you are new to website designing, you may be confused by this. However, experienced designers should know how to achieve these goals because they know what your website needs.

Nevertheless, optimizing your website is key to driving results to help meet your business goals. There are a lot of elements consider when creating a website to meet specific goals. Below, are some examples of what helps drive results to a website.

Ultimately, all of these components are just a few that we mentioned that play a role in optimizing your website to help you receive your desire results. There is a lot to consider when creating a website. I always tell my clients that everything on their website is in a certain place for a specific reason to optimize their website

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You Need Your Website To Be Competitive

89% of online consumers will shop with your competitor due to a poor user experience of your website.

Your website needs to be competitive, otherwise, why should users go to your website and interact with your site? Just like anything else in business your need to stand out from the competition and establish a competitive advantage in your market.

Often, many businesses try to create their website using a template or theme. However, it would not be unique or stand out since everyone else will have a similar site. In addition, most of the templates and themes are not designed for your business, ultimately it will limit your capacity to what you want to achieve eventually.

By partnering with a professional website designer, you can help create a unique experience for you audience, which will lead to return visitors, and conversions. If you created a website on your own, would you know how to create it to get to this competitive level?

Your Website Needs A Redesign

If you have tried creating a website on your own or worked with an inexperienced freelance, then it is time to hire a professional designer. Below, is a list of reason why your website needs a redesign.

  • You are not getting results
  • Your website has been penalized by search engines
  • Your website has bugs and broken pages
  • You are not happy with your design, and neither are your users
  • Your website does not flow and its not easy to use

Websites need to be properly maintained and update on a routine basis. In addition, you must provide your website fresh content consistently to stay relevant with search engines. A professional website designer would work with you on putting your website on the right path and maximize your results.

How To Select A Quality Web Designer

Now that you are interested and eager to hire a quality web designer, your next step is finding one. Below are 7 steps we recommend you take in selecting a web designer.

1) Determine Your Budget

The reason why you need to determine your budget first is because it will dictate your approach on the web designing process. Determine the amount you want to invest in your website. Typically, a decent budget for something basic can vary from $3,000 to $5,000 depending on the project and designer.

Discuss your budget with your prospective web designer to get an idea of what will go into creating your website. This will help provide you a realistic expectation for your finished website.

Ultimately, the more complex and bigger the website is the more expensive the website will be. Complexity includes the number of features such as certain plugins, how detailed each page is, a etc. The size of the website is determined off the number of pages you want. Typically, ecommerce websites are more pricey than standard service-based websites that are more standard.

7 Tips On Selecting A Quality Website Designers budget

2) Freelancer, Website Design Company, Or Digital Marketing/ Website Design Company.

When hiring a website designer, you must choose what type of designer you are looking for. Here are three different types of website designers: freelancers, website design company, and Digital Marketing/Website Design company. Each of these has their own pros and cons on why you would want to select one or the other. Below we will break down the differences between the three so you can make an informed decision.

The Freelancer

The freelancer is an individual, who creates a website on the behalf of themselves for profit. There are a large variety of websites that offer freelancer website design services.

Pros Of Hiring A Freelancer
  • The cheapest alternative of outsourcing a website designing
  • Usually, have quicker turn around times due to the lack of consistent work
  • More flexible to work with
  • Easy to find
  • Require less of a financial commitment
Cons Of Hiring A Freelancer
  • Typically, are less experienced In website designing
  • Come at much of a higher risk than other alternatives, unreliable
  • Less commitment in finishing your website
  • Usually, no support after website is completed

Website Design Company

A website design company specializes in creating websites for other businesses. They have the expertise to design a functional website to your liking.

Pros Of Hiring A Website Design Company
  • They can offer you website designing expertise
  • They are more trustworthy and credible
  • Experienced
  • Have commitment in designing your project
  • Generally, offers support for website
Cons Of Hiring A Website Design Company
  • Pricier than hiring a freelancer
  • Requires a larger financial investment
  • Less flexible than a freelancer
  • Website designing process can take longer

Digital Marketing/Website Design Company

A digital marketing agency can offer your business complete services for your website design. Digital marketers create websites while also considering your marketing needs. If you’re interested in learning more about digital marketing, then read out blog post “Quick Explanation: What is Digital Marketing?”

Pros Of Hiring A Digital Marketing Agency
  • Can strategically design your website to appeal to your customers through content marketing.
  • Your website can appeal to search engines with the best search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Your website can be prepared for Pay Per Click Advertisement
  • Results will be maximized
  • Experienced, credible, and trustworthy
Cons Of Hiring A Digital Marketing Agency
  • Most expensive
  • Larger commitment
  • May take the longest out of the other alternatives
  • Less flexible than freelancers

Ultimately, your decision on what type of website designer should be reflected on your budget as well as your business goals. If you are looking for something simple for now, then hire a freelancer. However, if you are looking for something more complex hire a website designer. If you are looking to maximize results and build your online presence, then partner with JMF Digital Marketing.

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3) Check Their Reviews And Testimonials

For a business to establish trust they must establish reviews and testimonials from past customers. Reviews and testimonials are a good indicator of what your experience will be like working with a website designer. High ratings and positive testimonials will help establish trust and credibility with a designer. Versus, low rating reviews and poor testimonials will reflect poor customer experiences which will decrease reliability and trust amongst consumers.

Check multiple review sites that designers or design companies are listed on. The more reviews you look at will provide you with a more reliable answer. Look consistency among reviews and testimonials on what consumers are saying. They will build accurate validations about a brand.

Ultimately, you want to use your best judgement and go with a designer or company that has a good reputation. However, beware of fake reviews and testimonials from scammers. Unfortunately, this is very apparent in today’s world, many companies utilize fakes reviews to mislead you into a poor decision. Make sure you investigate these companies before making any decision, one way to do this is looking at their portfolio and visiting their sites.

JMF Digital Marketing Common Digital Marketing Agency Scams and How to Avoid Them

4) Examine Their Portfolio

A portfolio can be a great way to build your expectations with a company. Look at their past websites and review them for their quality. Do the designs meet your standards? If so, then hire the designer, if not then move on to the next one.

The reason why I say examine their portfolio is because the portfolio may be fraudulent. I have come across many digital marketing companies and website design companies with fake portfolios. Make sure you are always skeptical in examining a portfolio. Use your best judgement in deciding.

5) Request Estimates

The standard rule of thumb is to request at least three estimates from three different designers. This will help provide you an accurate market value for what you are looking for. In addition, it will help you determine if you need to change your budget or what you want from the website.

Make sure you are receiving a detailed estimate from your website designer. If your website designer provides you a basic website estimate that just says “$3.000 for website design, then this is a red flag. A professional and reliable website designer will provide you are more outlined estimate. For example, the price of the website will be broken down based off the scope of work. $150 per page, plus $25 per page for mobile responsive, content copywriting is an additional $50 per page, etc.

A designer estimate reflects how designers handle their business. If they are unprofessional do not work with them, if they are then hire them. It is important to mention that no designer is the same, each one will bring something different in value to the table. Use your best judgment in determining what web designer would work best for you.

6) Do Your Research And Ask Questions

Know what you are buying. Do some homework on creating a website to articulate the authenticity of the website designer. See if they make sense and find out if they can answer your questions in an accurate manner. By asking lots of questions, you are reinforcing your beliefs on whether the web designer is trustworthy and reliable to provide you services.

Many professional designers will be more than happy to explain the process and answer any questions. They will provide you with insights about what makes a website work properly and how to optimize your results. However, if you feel unconfident or uncertain with a designer or company, then do not go with them.

7) Find Out What Other Services They Offer

Find out what additional services a designer can offer you. It would not make sense to hire two different companies to provide two different services on one website. Having a full website service is beneficial in communication and your overall product.

Content marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) play a huge role in a website success. Websites are filled with content which are images, videos, and text that provide your users with valuable and relevant information. Your websites content can make or break your website on whether you appeal to audience and acquire them.

SEO consist of practices done to your website to improve your search rankings on search engines such as Google and Bing. If your designer does not know how to effectively optimize your website for search engines you will not receive traffic to your website.

Ultimately, we recommend you go with a full-service digital marketing company to help maximize your results for your investment. There is no benefit to having a website that no one wants to be engaged with, especially if no one even visits it.

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Key Takeaways: On Selecting A Quality Website Designer

Hiring a quality website is essential for your website’s success. After all, a website may be the only interaction a prospective customer has with your brand. It serves as a good indication on whether your brand is trustworthy or not. Well designed websites can help grow your online presence, increase brand awareness, and increase sales.

You should always hire a professional designer to avoid wasting time and resources on doing it yourself. Often, your product may do you more harm than good (with the savings of creating your own website). Quality websites are designed by experienced professionals that can create a competitive website that delivers results.

When selecting a quality website designer, you want to follow these steps. Know your budget and what type of designer you wish to work with. Next you want to evaluate your options of at least three different website designers/companies. You would want to check their testimonials, reviews, examine their portfolio, do your research, and ask questions. Try to find out what additional services they offer, so you may capitalize on your return on investment.

Ultimately, hiring a quality website designer is a process, but can be quite worth the time you invested. A website is the key platform that links all your digital marketing efforts. If you are interested in website designing services from a full-service digital marketing agency, then partner with JMF Digital Marketing today.

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