Are Pay-Per-Click Ads Worth It?

Are Pay-Per-Click Ads Worth It

Pay-per-click ads can be worth the investment and effort if they are meeting your goals and expectations. For example, they may help you generate more leads or build brand awareness. However, you may find PPC not worth it due to its lack of results or it being way to expensive. Nevertheless, to fully understand whether PPC is worth the investment, then we need to break down how PPC ads work.

How Do PPC Ads Work?

PPC is a form of advertisement, where advertisers only pay when users click on their ad. Advertisers bid for selected keywords that will be triggered when users search for those keywords online. Ads may also be displayed by video, image, or text as users browse PPC ad networks.

Depending on your business goals will determine whether you do a search or displayed ad. The purpose of search ads is to draw in more leads, which is why they are more specific. Displayed ads are broader and are designed to help build you brand awareness.

PPC ad platforms such as Google and Microsoft ads provide advertisers with flexibility and efficiency of improving their ad’s results. PPC ads can be used to strategically target a specific audience through demographics, interest, and device preference. Advertisers also have the luxury of setting the time and location of their ads.

Many advertisers find PPC ads favorable due to its quick results and flexibility of measuring and tracking results. Quick results enable advertisers to stimulate their demand for goods and services in real time. The flexibility of measuring and tracking results enable advertisers to further improve their ads, which can increase their overall return on investment.

Despite, the flexibility, and efficiency of PPC ad platforms, PPC ads may not be worth it.

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When Is PPC Ads Not Worth It?

Often, PPC ads are not worth the investment if it is not profitable, or if you are just not meeting your business goals. Here are some reasons why PPC ads may not be worth it:

One of the main reasons why you may not want to invest in PPC ads is because of bid inflation. Your target keywords or phrases are just too expensive and are not worth pursuing. Going to aggressive on inflated bids can be a quick way for you to burn through your PPC ad budgets.

Another reason why PPC ads may not worth pursuing is because you are attracting a lot of irrelevant users. Irrelevant users are more than likely not going to buy from you. In addition, they will just add to your overall overhead of your PPC ads.

You are not ready for PPC ads. PPC ads generally require you to have a well-designed landing page. If you do not have one that is not relevant to a specific ad, then you are wasting your investment. Having a dedicated landing page will provide you with a high enough quality score which will reduce your cost and improve your rankings. In addition, users will become more engaged and more likely to take a profitable action.

You have a strong online presence. If your search engine optimization (SEO) is good, then you may not need to invest in PPC ads. Ultimately, you may be cannibalizing your own organic traffic with PPC ad traffic.

How To Make PPC Ads A Better Investment

To make your PPC ads a better investment for your business you will need to make changes in your PPC execution. To better your results, we recommend you target the top 3 spots for your selected keywords. Not every keyword or phrase will be your bread winner. The ones that are giving you all your business should be your focus.

Improve your quality score by adjusting your selected keywords, ads, and landing page. Everything should be clear, simple, and relevant to what users are searching for.

If you feel like your keywords are too competitive or the cost is too high, then you may want to select a longer tail search term. For example, instead of targeting the keyword “construction” you should target “licensed residential construction company.” Longer phrases generally have less volume but benefit by less competition and cost.

Make necessary adjustments to your ads. Do not half ass your PPC ads. The more detailed and specific you make your PPC ads, the better your results will be. This may involve you creating a long list of negative keywords and making a lot of adjustments overtime.

Key Takeaways: Are PPC Ads Worth It?

Ultimately, whether PPC ads are worth it or not is subjective to your overall results. If you are acquiring a lot of customers for a low price, or increasing your brand awareness, then yes, your PPC ads are worth it. However, if you are wasting money and not getting a profitable return, then you may want to rethink your PPC Ads.

Always continue to improve and adjust your PPC ads. If you are not getting results your desire, you may need to change your current strategy. Investigate what is working and what is not. Troubleshoot where your money is being wasted, where you can improve, and what needs to be changed. Eventually, you will see results.

Nevertheless, PPC ads is not for every business. PPC ads may just not seem to work for your business, but that is okay. There are other digital marketing techniques in acquiring customers such as SEO, social media marketing, and others.

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