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Small and Medium Businesses

JMF Digital Marketing serves a variety of small and medium businesses with website design, pay per click ads, search engine optimization, and more. Partner with us today, to help you meet your business goals, increase sales, grow your business, and much more.

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Types of Businesses

We Serve

Digital marketing is a great way to get potential customers to know about your small or medium business. JMF Digital Marketing can help you grow your business, increase sales, and more. Below is a list of specific businesses that we serve, but are not limited to serving.

Service Industry

JMF serves the service industry in digital marketing and website design services. We help service businesses grow their online presence.

Real Estate

Grow your real estate business today with JMF Digital Marketing. Learn how we can get you in touch with more buyers and sellers.

Property Management

Find tenants and manage more properties with our digital marketing and website services.


JMF serves healthcare facilities, nursing homes, doctors and more with our digital marketing and website services.


We help restaurants get more customers locally to your restaurant and connect with them virtually with online ordering and reservations.


JMF helps retailers become more competitive by increasing their online presence, customer reach, and conversions.


Build your online store with JMF and increase traffic to your website with our digital marketing services today.
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