Does My Real Estate Company Need A Separate Property Management Website

JMF Digital Marketing Does My Real Estate Company Need A Separate Property Management Website

Yes, your real estate company does need a separate property management website. In this blog we will discuss explain why a separate property management website is better for your business and how to prevent confusing your audience. Even if you have a wonderful real estate website, a page dedicated to property management would not be sufficient if you want it done right.

One Website With Two Audiences Creates Confusion

It can be quite confusing when you are navigating a website that focus on two types of audience. The first audience are individuals looking to purchase a home or commercial property. While the second audience is looking to rent, make a payment, or to seek maintenance for their property. Nevertheless, mixed messages will confuse your online users, which will ruin user experience, which can ultimately damage your website results.

If online users find that content on a website is not relevant to towards them, they will dismiss it. If you are a real estate company trying to sell homes, then you are basically putting up hurdles for prospective clients. In other words, you are making it harder for them than it needs to be. Tenants seeking property management services may have trouble paying or asking for required maintenance.

JMF Digital Marketing Does My Real Estate Company Need A Separate Property Management Website confused

Nevertheless, creating confusion is bad for business and can have online users leave your site and go to competitors. Confusion will ultimately cost your sales and can potentially lead to complaints further down the road. Which is terrible for your brand reputation on review sites.

By creating to separate websites for the two different audiences we are eliminating this issue, which can be quite beneficial for your real estate and property management company. Content tailored to one audience can maximize your results in conversions, click through rate, and can improve your bounce rate.

JMF Digital Marketing Search Engine Optimization

Better Search Engine Optimization

Real estate and property management companies need to benefit from search engine optimization to stay competitive online. It would be strategically smarter to create two separate websites to appeal better to search engines. The less mixed signals sent to Google and/or Bing about what your website is about, the better. The goal of SEO is to make a website readable for search engines, so they can deliver the most relevant content to users.

For example, two separate domain names can strategically target high valued keywords. In addition, the separate websites will focus on content for the one audience, and they can build around it. For example, a property management website can focus on creating relevant services for tenants, resources, portals, etc. While real estate website will focus on various property listings and content relevant to their audience.

Two separate websites create more room for the website’s meta tags, so they can appeal to users on the search results. Dedicated pages that are relevant to users search intent will look great to a search engines eyes which will rank you higher.

If you are interested in learning more about SEO, then read our blog post “Quick Explanation: What Is Search Engine Optimization?”

How To Avoid Making A Confusing Real Estate Website?

A confusing website can be harmful not only for a real estate or property management company for any business. Confusion makes it harder for users to understand who you are and what your do. Which ultimately should be the primary focus of having a website. After all, why else would you put content on your website if you did not want people to read it or to understand it. Below are a few tips we recommend to not create a confusing website.

Simple Websites Are Better

Have you ever been to a website before and left because you never understood what the company was trying to tell you? Perhaps, it was too cluttered with a bunch of messages on what they were trying to sell you or promise you? Nevertheless, these over complex and complicated websites lose people because they confuse them.

By keeping your website simple in design and content you can effectively communicate with your audience. Ultimately, your online users are not there to look at a cool website, they are there to solve a problem usually by seeking information, goods, and/or services. By eliminating distractions, you audience can focus on your message, which will hopefully lead them to take your intended action.

JMF Digital Marketing Does My Real Estate Company Need A Separate Property Management Website

Separate Real Estate from Property Management

Real estate is often too broad and order to become more specific to your audience your need to separate property management. Not only will this make your website better, but you can rank better and list your business for more relevant directories. In addition, it makes your real estate business more resilient from receiving negative online reviews that your property management website normally would.

Most business usually do by filing a DBA or Doing Business as. A DBA is useful for most businesses trying to venture a different type of marketing just like real estate and property management.

Specific, Clear, And Straight To The Point

Being both specific and clear can help prevent confusion in any situation. The more specific you are the more likely you are to connect with a specific audience which can boost your results.

Try to avoid any jargon, remember who your audience is. They are not real estate or property management experts, and your content/message needs to reflect that. Online users that can understand what you are talking about are more engaged and are more likely to act.

However, try to avoid any fluff, which can be damaging towards your audience. After all, we must respect their time. Today’s online users are often more time sensitive due to the rise of technology and information in real time. If you do not deliver in real time, you will lose your audience.

Summary: Does My Real Estate Company Need A Separate Property Management Website?

If you want to optimize your results for both real estate and property management clientele, then yes create two separate websites. Most businesses create a Dba which can help them enter new markets and appeal to different audiences. Property management and real estate are no exceptions.

If you avoid creating separate websites for the two targeted audiences, then you are opening the door for confusion. Because your message to your online users is not clear or specific. If you are real estate and/or property management company and need website design services, then contact JMF Digital Marketing today!

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