Does PPC Ads Work For Small Businesses?

It depends, pay per click (PPC) ads are not for every business, for some they will work great and for others it will be a waste of time and costly. Just like any other marketing channel, you must determine whether PPC ads are worth it for your business.

PPC ads are a form of advertisement that advertise use to solicit their goods and services on search engine to produce sales and/or build brand awareness. PPC ads come in multiple forms such as search, display, video, local, and shopping ads. Advertisers must compete on PPC platforms on selecting the right keywords, bidding, and optimizing their ads. Advertisers only pay when a user clicks on their ad.

For PPC ads to work you need to be able to achieve your goals with them, it needs to be profitable, and your audience needs to be searching online for what you are selling. If you cannot satisfy all these elements, then PPC ads are do not work for your small business.

In this blog, we will discuss when PPC ads will work for a small business and when they will not work.

When PPC Ads Work For Small Businesses

Pay per click ads will work for your small business if they are able to satisfy your business goals, target your audience, and they are profitable.

PPC Ads Help You Achieve Your Business Goals

PPC ads help businesses build their brand awareness through display and video ads, while search, shopping, and local ads help produce sales for businesses. Ultimately, for PPC ads to be worth your time and resources they must fulfil a purpose whether your goals are to:

  • Increase sales
  • Expand into new markets
  • Target new customers
  • Market share growth
  • Grow online presence
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Become more competitive

Your business goals are important to have. You cannot just do PPC ads without a purpose. Goals provide you with direction and enable you to measure your results.

business goals

PPC Ads Enable You To Target Your Customers

One of the main benefits of PPC ads is its capabilities of targeting specific audiences by location, demographics, devices, and interests.

PPC allows advertisers to get specific on who they want to display their ads for on search engines. As a result, advertisers can attract much more relevant and quality leads, rather than targeting the general population. However, despite all these capabilities, PPC ads are not perfect.

Some businesses may find that they need to use social media instead of PPC ads to effectively target their audience. Perhaps, there are different much more efficient marketing methods that enable you to target your customers which makes it more practical to allocate your resources and time to those marketing channels, rather than PPC ads.

Your PPC Ads Are Profitable

For you to justify your PPC ads to your boss or even to yourself, then your PPC ads need to be profitable. Ultimately, you are using PPC ads as an investment to help achieve your business goals, which I hope is to produce more profit for your small business.

PPC ads can stimulate demand in real time, which enables a business to quickly draw in sales. However, PPC ads can work as a double edge sword which means you can accrue all these costs quickly without any promise of getting a quality lead or return on investment.

As a result, it is important for you to recognize the profitability of PPC ads from the start. If your PPC ads are not profitable despite an experts help, then PPC ads may not be for your business and that is okay. There are other marketing opportunities out them to obtain your audience.

Audiences are subjective to each business, which means every business will have a different method of obtaining them.

JMF Digital Marketing 10 Reasons Why Small Business Need Digital Marketing In 2021 profit

When PPC Ads Will Not Work For Small Businesses

PPC Ads are not for every business, as discussed earlier, if you cannot meet your goals, target your audience, or make profit then they will not work for your small business.

To learn if PPC Ads are not for your small business, we have created a list of signs:

  1. Inflated and expensive keyword bids.
  2. Your audience is not there.
  3. PPC ads do not align with your goals.
  4. Little to no results.
  5. Competition ruins industry credibility

Inflated And Expensive Keyword Bids

Not every keyword is a fair price in the PPC market. Some keywords are more expensive than others and some are inflated with high prices. Nevertheless, if the keywords seem to be too expensive to be worth it, then you are probably right.

Keywords with low competition but have a starting price of about $20 dollars per click to get to the top of the organic search results is a red flag. For a small business you will eat throw your entire marketing budget in a matter of a day depending on the volume of users you attract.

Ultimately, your efforts will be better spent on search engine optimization or another marketing technique to gain leads to your business.

Your Audience Is Not There

If you are an innovative business with a new service and/or product, or you are targeting such a niche or specific audience, then your audience is more than likely not on search engines. Perhaps, they are too specific to target on a PPC platform as of right now, or the demand for your selected keywords is nonexistent.

Nevertheless, you must promote your business based off where your audience is at. Therefore, you should use your best judgement in determining whether your audience is on search engines looking for you or they look for you another way.

PPC Ads Do Not Align With Your Goals

Ask yourself, can you achieve your goals with PPC ads? For example, you may be trying to get more employees for your business. As a result, PPC would not be a practical approach for you to solicit employment opportunities.

In addition, you may not want to keep things consistent and stable with your business, therefore, you may not want to pursue PPC ads. Ultimately, you must make sure what you are trying to do is achievable by PPC ads.

Little To No Results

Just because you are getting very little or no results at all from your PPC ads does not necessarily mean you did the ads wrong. Ultimately, it can be a result of your audience just not being there.

If you are not sure how to do PPC ads and do not have a budget to outsource or hirer someone to do PPC ads for you, then I suggest you learn more from Google’s skill-shop or hold off on it. There is no point to keep investing in something that you are poorly doing in. Allocate those resources into something more efficient and rewarding.

Competition Ruins Industry Credibility

Depending on the industry, your competitors can make your industry undesirable and untrustworthy when it comes to PPC ads. For example, in the website and digital marketing industry a lot of the ads I see are so irrelevant and poor quality sites to what users are searching for. In addition, they offer a lot of untrustworthy deals that are too unrealistic to be true.

As a result, you should always remain skeptical and do some research on your competitors, selected keywords, and industry before pursuing PPC ads. If not, you risk poor quality leads, wasted money, and skeptical clientele.

For example, it is harder to compete when your competitors are offering everything to your client for free, even though its low quality, they will go for it. To counter this, you may have to reposition yourself with your ads or target a more specific audience.

Ultimately, you want to ensure the PPC market is profitable and not a red ocean strategy were every competitor tries to bleed each other out of money.

Summary: Does PPC Ads Work For My Small Business?

PPC ads will work for most businesses, some better than others. I suggest you do more research into your PPC competitors, how your ads perform, and maybe get assistance from an expert to better your chances.

If PPC ads help bring you profit, your able to target your customers, and you are meeting your business goals, then yes PPC ads have worked for your business. IF not, then you should probably readjust your strategy, partner with an expert, or try to learn more on why your not performing.

Worst case scenario it is bad market, keywords may be too expensive, competition is giving your industry a bad name, etc.

Ultimately, when it comes to PPC ads you need to measure your results and continuously improve. if all else fails, then PPC ads do not work for your small business.

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