How Can I Promote My Property Management Company?

How Can I Promote My Property Management Company

If you are just starting your property management company or looking for growth, then you are probably wondering how to promote your property management company. To answer this question, we have developed several marketing strategies for you to utilize in promoting your business.

Overview: How To Promote My Property Management Company

To successfully promote your property management business, you should utilize these following marketing strategies:

  1. Build An Online Presence
    1. Create A Property Management Website
      1. Improve Your Search Engine Optimization
      2. Promote Yourself Locally with Local SEO
    2. Create And Manage A Social Media Profiles
    3. Content Marketing
  2. Advertise Your Business
    1. Pay Per Click Advertisement
      1. Google Advertisement
      2. Microsoft Advertisement
    2. Social Media Advertisement
      1. Facebook
      2. LinkedIn
      3. YouTube
  3. Use Traditional Marketing
  4. Be Proactive With Word Of Mouth

Build Your Online Presence

One of the most important things a property management company needs to be doing to promote their business is building their online presence. An online presence will help your property management company reach a much larger audience, who are looking for your services. Whether your property management for residential or commercial building an online presence will help you meet your business goals: profit maximization, increased brand awareness, or growth.

Nevertheless, to build a successful online presence your property management company must create a website and social media profiles. Furthermore, you need to strategize your approach with your website and social media, which is why you need a strong content marketing strategy. By effectively building your website and social media with the right content you can establish a dominant competitive advantage in your market.

JMF Digital Marketing Real Estate Benefits Of Having A Website

Create A Property Management Website

A website is where you will connect with most of your customers online. Which is why it is important on hiring the right website designer. More importantly, you want to get a quality website that will be reflection of your brand that can better connect you with your customers. A quality website can be expensive; however, they can provide a valuable user experience for customers. Which in return can be a great investment for you to help you achieve your business goals.

Your property management website is where you communicate with your audience. Be sure to mention your services, who you serve, who you are, and provide your users with other rich and relevant information. Make sure you utilize call to actions, have your contact information accessible, and more. Below are some key things you should have on your property management website.

What Should Your Property Management Website Have?
  • Mobile responsive website design: which will enable users to access your website with any mobile device.
  • Your websites need to be made with the user in mind. For example, it needs to be desirable, valuable, accessible, credible, useful, and usable. For example, all websites need to be compliant to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, to avoid lawsuits and fines.
  • It should have the features and information your audience wants. For example, a display of all your available properties and prices. Perhaps, they may want access to submit a maintenance ticket, or they need quick access to your contact information.
  • Your website should look clean and professional created.
JMF Digital Marketing Website Mobile Responsive Design
JMF Digital Marketing How Should You Structure Your Website user experience

Improve Your Search Engine Optimization

Now you may have an awesome website, but if there are no users to experience it, then your efforts have gone to waste. You must look to improve your search engine optimization (SEO) for your website. SEO is the process of improving your website to appeal to search engines to rank higher. Ultimately, the better your SEO is the more traffic you will be awarded by search engines. Which can lead to more leads, brand awareness, and other benefits.

There are many SEO strategies you can use to help strengthen your property management online presence such as:

  • Get your business listed on relevant sites: These sites can be review sites or directories that are specific to industry. In addition, you want to get accredited from different property management associations. Be sure to list your website on all of these websites to earn backlinks, or referral links, that help you establish trust and authority with search engines.
  • Keep your website’s content fresh and updated: Providing your users with relevant and valuable content on a consistent basis will help boost your search rankings.
  • Make sure your website is readable and mobile responsive: websites that are structure well and have straight forward and easy to read content makes your website more readable for search engines and users. In addition, your website needs to be compatible on mobile devices to receive a good ranking.
  • Your website is secure and well-managed: Search engines will reward websites that are secure and effectively managed. Be sure your property management website is protected by a firewall and https certification. In addition, make sure the website speed is tolerable for both desktop and mobile devices.

Promote Yourself Locally With Local SEO

One of the major ways to promote your business with an online presence is to promote your local SEO. Local SEO is the process of appealing to search engines, so they can put you in front of your desired local audience. Ultimately, this will bring more customers from your surrounding areas to your business. Here are ways you can help promote your property management company locally.

  • Get a Google My Business and Bing Places In addition, to creating a profile you want to ensure you are detailed with your services. You also need to keep your content fresh and company information updated.
  • Get reviews and respond to them. One way to win over search engines locally over your competitors is to promote 5-star reviews for your brand. Good reviews help build consumer confidence in buying from you.
  • List your business on local directories. Ultimately, you want to get as many citations as you can that are relevant and valuable.
  • Put your business service area on your website.

Create And Manage A Social Media Profiles

Some of your potential clients can be found on social media. One way to promote your business and build your online presence is to create and manage your social media profiles. For a property management company, you would want to create at least a Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

Facebook is good to connect with consumers and build your brand awareness with potential clients. This social media platform is good for nurturing clients until they are ready to buy from you.

LinkedIn is a business-to-business social media platform where you can target specific tenants or business you want to work with.

YouTube is a great social media platform for property manager to showcase their property to prospective buyers/tenants. In addition to showing their previous work to new prospective clients.

Social media accounts will enable your business to reach customers from an alternative platform other than your website. However, a website and social media accounts can complement each other if used correctly. To manage your social media accounts, you should provide relevant and valuable content for your users. Additionally, you may want to seek advertisement to establish some followers.

social media marketing

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a part of every marketing strategy that you utilize not only just to promote your online business but to promote your company overall. To effectively appeal and acquire your audience you must tailor your content to them. This involves text, infographics, images, and videos to better communicate your message to your audience.

Content marketing involves you understanding your audience and where they are. Once accomplished, you will be able to effectively target them with digital marketing and traditional marketing tactics. Overtime, you want to continue to access and evaluate your results, so you can optimize them to perform more efficiently.

One popular way you can utilize content marketing to build your online presence and promote your business is through blogging. Property management companies should help educate and inform their audience about their industry and services. Content can boost your online search rankings, improve your websites conversions, and be used to share content amongst all marketing channels.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great way to promote your business and keep your current and prospective customers updated with company information and/or promotions. For your email marketing to be successful you should look to gather subscribers through your website and social media profiles. In addition, you want to be sure to get all their contact information their physical address which can be used for your traditional marketing efforts (will be explained later in this blog). Provide them with useful content from your blogs to keep them happy and engaged.

Email marketing is useful to keep prospective customers you were not able to convert, nurtured until they are ready to buy from you. Additionally, email marketing can be used to keep existing customers.

Ultimately, email marketing can help boost your online presence with traffic to both your social media profiles and your website. Which will then help you meet your business goals.

Advertise Your Business

One way to promote your property management company is to advertise it. Property management companies tend to use pay per click advertisement and social media advertisement.

Pay Per Click Advertisement

One common practice of advertisement for property management is through pay per click (PPC) advertisement. PPC ads provide companies with real time results. Whether you are looking to increase brand awareness, more visits to your property/office, or web traffic. Here are the two most popular PPC platforms below.

Google Advertisement

With Google advertisement you can get your property management business in front of a large audience in a short amount of time. Typically, users will find your ads through search or browsing depending on your goals and type of ads used. However, it is important to mention that Google ads can be expensive.

Microsoft Advertisement

If you are working on a budget and want additional customers, then Microsoft Advertisement is you answer. Despite, Microsoft ads having a much smaller audience, it can still draw in fresh and quality leads to your site. Using both platforms is a great way of promoting your property management business.

JMF Digital Marketing What is the Difference Between Google and Bing Ads?

Social Media Advertisement

Advertising and promoting your property management business via social media is an effective way to reach your target audience and meet your business goals. Specifically, you want to allocate your time and resources in Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube advertisement to maximize your results.

Facebook Advertisement

With Facebook ads you can effectively target your ideal tenant. For example, you can create ads that target them based off their business demographics such as: size, type of business, etc. If you are property management firm looking to get residents, then Facebook is your answer.

LinkedIn Advertisement

LinkedIn ads can put you in front of other businesses you wish to do business with. Typically, this offers faster results than you would normally get naturally.

YouTube Advertisement

Property management companies can promote their business with YouTube to help build their brand awareness and generate leads.

Use Traditional Marketing

Another way to promote your business is to utilize traditional marketing. Traditional marketing includes marketing tactics such as: door to door sales, brochures, flyers, mail marketing, trade shows, etc. Traditional marketing should be used with digital marketing to help maximize the results of both.

For example, you can mail educational brochures about your services to prospective customers, you can then create a call to action to have them go to your website to learn additional information, that you normally could not fit on your brochure. You may also look to utilize your email subscribers to mail them physical marketing materials to promote your business.

Be Proactive With Word Of Mouth

One easy cost-effective way property management companies can promote their business, is by buying proactive with word of mouth. This can be simply done by directly asking current/past clients, peers, family members, etc. to refer customers to your company.

Create a referral programs, where current customers can benefit from a discount for referring new clients. Your property management company will be getting promoted by current paying customers. Which will ultimately build prospective consumer confidence in your brand.

Positive word of mouth works wonders through reviews and testimonials that should be displayed in your online presence: review sites, your website, and social media. Be proactive is asking for positive customer reviews and testimonials. Eventually, more prospective customers will convert because they perceive your business as trustworthy company.

word of mouth

Key Takeaways: How To Promote My Property Management Company

Many property management companies look to promote their business to meet their business goals. To successfully promote your property management company, you should look to build your online presence, advertise, utilize traditional marketing, and be proactive with word of mouth.

Promoting your property management online opens the door to a huge volume of potential customers to your business. Reach, communicate, and convert more customers with a website and social media. Be sure to maximize your online search results and provide users with relevant and valuable content. Keep your existing customers and nurture your prospective customers with email marketing.

If you are looking for quick results to promote your business, then utilize PPC and social media ads. Advertisement is a great way to promote your brand awareness, generate leads, and grow your business.

Traditional marketing is another way to promote your business and compliment your efforts of promoting your online presence. Reach customers with physical printed marketing material that will convert them into paying customers or email subscribers.

Be proactive word of mouth can help you promote your business cost effectively and efficiently. Solicit reviews and build a positive reputation with prospective customers. Better consumer confidence will help you convert customers amongst all marketing channels.

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