How Do I Save Money On A Website Design?

How Do I Save Money On A Website Design

Websites can be quite complex and often take time to be designed well. As a result, this can make any website expensive. However, there are certain actions you take to help save you money on your website design. Ultimately, if you want to save money on a website, then you need to know what you want for your website and have everything ready to streamline your website’s creation.

How To Save Money On A Website Design

In the website designing industry, time is money. To limit your total cost of your website you must have everything ready to go for your website designer. With careful planning and outlining your website you can avoid delays, additional costs, and change orders. Below is a list of ways you can help limit the cost of your website design.

1) Have A Marketing Plan

Your website is probably one of your most valuable marketing assets in your company, therefore a good website designer will want to learn as much as they can about your business. Having a marketing plan prepared for your website designer will help them learn more about your customer(s) and/or audience(s). In addition to your services, industry, competitors, unique selling proposition, and business goals.

A marketing plan can help a website designer with clarity and precision in creating your website. Which can limit the number of times you meet, revisions, and time spent designing your website. Nevertheless, the marketing plan can help you create a well-designed website that can help you capture your audience and get you a better return on investment.

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2) Do Your Research On Your Competitors

When you are creating a website for your business you want your website to be competitive and able to attract and acquire your audience. As a result, you will have to research your competitors’ websites to get an idea. Normally, a good website designer will take this step in analyzing your market to find the best approach for your website. However, you can save them the time and effort by presenting them with this information ahead of time.

You want to look at multiple competitor websites that rank high in the search rankings. Typically, high ranking websites are quality websites. They are structured well and have valuable features and content for their audience. Ultimately, this will give you an idea on how to prepare and plan your website, prior to meeting with a designer.

3) Create Your Own Content

To save money on your website you need to create your own content. If not, you can look to pay a designer or copywriter $50 to $150 an hour to create content for you.

Create content that is relevant and valuable to your audience. Utilize videos, infographics, charts, tables, and other visual elements to help communicate with your audience. Be precise, clear, and avoid any jargon. The best content is readable and easily understandable.

Your content should include valuable keywords to help boost your search engine optimization (SEO). For example, your content can be about your services and/or products, or your industry. Nevertheless, your content needs to connect with your audience and provide them with valuable information.

Additionally, your content should be well organized and structured. This will make it easier for the website designer to html tag and label your content. Thus, making your project faster and easier to fulfil.

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4) Know The Features You Want

One of the many ways a website can build cost quickly is by its features. Features can vary amongst cost depending on what you are looking for and how well you shop for it. For example, with WordPress, there is a whole lot of features you can add to your website such as a contact form, online reservations, client portal, and more. Nevertheless, these features can come in free and premium (paid versions).

By doing your research prior to hiring a website designer you can help control the cost on your site. Normally, website features may have an annual or monthly expense depending on what you are looking for. Shop for your options on various features to learn what features are the best for your website.

By effectively communicating with your website designer on what features you want can help speed up the process of creating your website. In addition, it can help the designer from focus on features that are not desired, and more focused on what needs to be done.

5) Establish Your Website’s Identity

Your website’s identity is your brand which includes your logo, colors, and fonts for your website. A website’s identity should be unique and tailored to your specific brand. Having your website’s logo, brand colors code, and font selected for your website designer prior to meeting with them.

6) Have Pictures Ready To Go

Your website needs photos and designers will charge you for finding and selecting photos to fit your website. To help save money on your website you need to have all your images ready to go for your website.

If you are not looking to spend money, then we recommend you use free stock image sites such as:

  • Unsplash
  • Pexels
  • Pixabay

If you are interested in more premium stock images, then we recommend:

  • Canva
  • Shutter Shock
  • Envato Elements

Of course, you can use your own images, however, you want to make sure they are quality images.

The images your website should complement your content (text) on your website to help you better appeal and connect with your audience. The purpose of images is to help you communicate your message to your audience, which makes it important on which images you use.

camera and pictures

7) Get Quotes From Multiple Website Designers

It is not practical to hire the first website designer that comes your way.  Getting quotes from multiple websites designers, at least 3, can help you get a fair and reasonable market price.

However, it is important for you to select the right website designer, to create your website. Often, you should tread lightly when trying to hire a website design company that seems too cheap. For example, a website offer that is $199 for 5 pages, unlimited revisions, and custom designs, just seems like a bunch of fake garbage. Ultimately, you will get a broken website that does not deliver any real valuable to your business. Eventually, you may end up hiring a more expensive designer to fix or remake your website.

We recommend you hire a professional website designer. A standard website normally goes for around $3,000 to $5,000 dollars depending on the designer and what needs to be done.

If you are interested in a rough estimate for your website design, then fill out our website design calculator form.

8) Do It Yourself

If you have time on your hands and you have a decent understanding on how to create a well-designed website, then you should do it yourself. However, if you do not, then do not try this because it can eat up a lot of your time and take your focus away from your business. In addition, the website can be made with poor quality. For example, it may not be indexed by search engines, its not SEO, its broken, your audience does not like, and it provides a poor experience.

Nevertheless, this option is always available but may come at a cost. We recommend you use WordPress, which powers over 33% of all websites online. WordPress is beginner friendly and does not require any coding.

9) Pay Your Website Designer On Time

Most website designers create websites on a contract, which creates interest for late payments. Unfortunately, many clients may become forgetful or negligent to paying their website designer on time, which can add to the overall cost of the website. Additionally, the designer may prevent your website from being launched online until paid. As a result, it is best to work with your website designer in paying for your website on time to avoid any issues.

Key Takeaways: How To Save Money On Website Design

If you are looking to save money for your website design, then you need to do all the leg work in planning and preparing your website for your designer. This includes the gathering of all your content and features you want. In addition to the photos, structure, outline, and identity of your website.

Make it easier for your website designer to understand your business with a marketing plan. This will provide them and yourself with direction and clarity in creating your website. Get multiple competitive quotes from designers to get a good price. However, if you do not wish to higher a designer you can always create a website on your own with WordPress.

If you are interested in website designing, then contact JMF Digital Marketing for assistance.

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