How To Select The Best Domain Name For Your Business

JMF Digital Marketing How To Select The Best Domain Name For Your Business

Selecting the right domain name for your business’ website is imperative for its success. Ultimately, if you choose the wrong name, it can create a hassle for you in the long run and can potentially ruin your search rankings. Therefore, it is quite important to select the right domain from the beginning.

In this blog post we will discuss how to put you on the right path in selecting the right domain name for your business’s website.

What Is A Domain?

Before we begin with explaining how to pick the right domain for your business, we will define what a domain is.

A domain is the websites location on the internet. For example, think of being like a physical address, people need an address to get directions to a place. However, in this scenario the domain name is how people get directions for your website.

Domains are not only used for websites, but they are also used for business emails. Business emails make a company look more professional and trustworthy. For example, would you trust someone with an email or someone with their own branded email. So, when you are considering your domain, it will not only impact your website but your business email.

JMF Digital Marketing How To Select The Best Domain Name For Your Business types

What Are Different Types Of Domains And Which Should I Select?

There are many types of domains that you have the option of selecting when buying a domain. However, for the sake of this blog post we are just going to cover the most important and valuable types of domains, often referred as Top-Level Domains.

  1. .com: which stands for “commercial,” should be used by commercial businesses. It is the most common used form of domain and usually is the one of the most valued forms of domains by search engines.
  2. .net: This is the next best alternative to use if your commercial business cannot get a .com domain. Net stands for the term “network,” which are used by network technologies and internet service providers. Often, many businesses select .net due to it being a cheaper alternative to .com.
  3. .edu: This domain stands for education. Ultimately, you would use this domain if you were associated with education or an education institution. These domains are high valued by search engines.
  4. .org: Stands for organization, which is widely used by nonprofit organizations. However, they are often used by for profit businesses, schools, and other organizations.
  5. .gov: Which stands for government, is only used by government agencies by government personnel.

In most cases, your business would want to get the domain .com, it would generally be the most beneficial option for your domain. However, if its not available or too expensive, then you may want to change the domain by shortening it or by selecting .org or .net as an alternative.

Overview: 10 Tips For Selecting A Domain Name

Selecting the right domain for your website can overwhelming, after all you must pick what will work best for you in promoting your business online. Below, is a brief overview of 10 tips we will be covering to help you select the right domain for your new website.

  1. Use .com
  2. Use keywords in your domain name
  3. Do not make your domain too long
  4. Include your brand
  5. Check if your domain is available
  6. Your domain should be understandable by your target audience
  7. Consider the future
  8. Do not hesitate to purchase your domain
  9. Buy Your Domain From Your Website Host
  10. Make sure to set up automatic renewals

Use .com

Yes, we know there are so many options for your domain name nowadays, however we recommend that you select .com. for your choice of domain. .com is viewed by many and search engines as more credible and trustworthy.

Other domains name like .net or .org should only be used as alternatives if .com is taken and there is no alternative option available. However, try to avoid this by either shorting or adding to your domain.

Many business leaders may be swayed in creating their own niche domain such as .construction. However, we do not recommend this because it can cause confusion for individuals search for you on search engines. Typically, most users will see a company’s URL and assume it has .com at the end. Plus, it will be harder to rank online compared to a .com site. Additionally, it may not make sense if your domain was Your cause more confusion and hassle at the end of the day.

JMF Digital Marketing How To Select The Best Domain Name For Your Business .com

Use Keywords In Your Domain Name

Everything you do when creating a website needs to be strategic. Everything has a reason behind and so should your domain. When you are selecting a domain for your website you want to consider keywords. Ultimately, you would have to do some keyword research to find this information.

Keywords are what users type into search queries to find relevant and valuable sources on search engines. However, not every keyword is worth pursuing which requires you to strategically pick the right keywords. To select the right keyword for your domain, we recommend you select a word that has a high volume and is not too competitive to rank for. Wordstream is a free keyword tool that can help you select a keyword for your domain.

JMF Digital Marketing How do I Find the Best Keywords for My Business?

Do not Make Your Domain Too Long

Try to avoid making your domain too long. Ultimately, the longer your domain is the more room for human error when entering your domain into a search bar or an email message. This can lead to loss in traffic to your website and communications for you in the long run.

Ultimately, you should pick a domain that is short and straight to the point. Your online users will find this much more memorable and easier to type than something long and unnecessary.

Include Your Brand

Do not forget to mention your company name in the domain. After all your customers will be typing in your company name into search engines to find you. Additionally, your domain is part of your brand online and should be mentioned on your domain, which will also be used on your emails.

Check If Your Domain Is Available

More than likely, you will have a few ideas for a domain name, however, you should check the availability of your domain. You can check availability of your domains with GoDaddy.

Your Domain Should Be Understandable By Your Target Audience

It is imperative that your domain is easily understood by your customers/audience. Your audience should know what you do by your domain name, if not you will have to spend more on marketing to tell them why.

An understandable domain helps readers identify what your side is about. In addition, it will be more memorable for users, which lead to more routine visits and email sent to your inbox. Ultimately, it is best not to confuse you audience or you risk losing them.

Consider The Future

When you are considering your domain name you should consider the future. For example, you create a domain called, because your business currently provides website designing. Then in a few years you decide to branch out to additional services such as digital marketing which is broader. Ultimately, your domain will be working against you in attracting additional customers.

We recommend you select a domain that is broad to what you do as a business. Therefore, your domain is not limited to changes in the future. Ultimately, you should plan with your team and use your best judgement in selecting a domain.

Do Not Hesitate To Purchase Your Domain

Time is not on your side if you are planning to purchase a domain. If you have been in business a while, more than likely your domain is already taken. Often, people purchase domains of business names, in hope that one day you would need to buy it from them at an unreasonably high price.

Avoid this mistake and buy your domain now. By buying your domain as soon as you go into to business you can avoid be shaken down in the future. It also creates more opportunity for you to grab the best version of your domain. For example, the .com version.

Buy Your Domain From Your Website Host

One mistake I made was buying my domain from a different provide than my website host. It took me about 60 days to transfer my domain, which was required by law. Ultimately, this was a huge waste of time. It can cost you a lot when you consider your opportunity cost.

We recommend if you are looking to build a website right away, then you should by your domain from your website host provider.

JMF Digital Marketing How To Select The Best Domain Name For Your Business web hosting

Make Sure To Set Up Automatic Renewals

Do not make the mistake of not setting up your domain for automatic renewals. When you are selecting your domain and you made the decision to purchase one, right then and there set up your domain for automatic renewals. This can prevent a huge problem for your business later.

Once your domain expires, then its on the market for purchase, which means someone else can buy the domain for your website, which can be costly. Ultimately, people who buy freshly expired domains hold them as hostage or ransom for you to pay them a large amount of capital for them to sell it back to you. If you do not buy it back, then they could potentially ruin your domain with search engines and make your domain worthless. In addition, it can affect your business emails. Nevertheless, it should be your priority to always keep your domain current with your business.

Key Takeaways: How To Select The Right Domain Name

Domain serve as your physical address on web browsers. Often, they are used to create a business’s custom email that helps them build trust and credibility with the audience. They play a huge role in your website sites success which calls to the level of importance in selecting the right domain name. Picking the right domain requires a lot of strategy and brainstorming.

Your domain name should be a .com and include your brand and keywords. Do not overcomplicate your domain name, it should be kept short, memorable, and clear. Consider the future of your website when determining a domain. Make sure to purchase your domain from your website hosting provider. In addition, you will need to make sure your domain is current and is on autorenewal to avoid a disaster in the future.

By following our recommendations, you will have a better chance at selecting the right domain name for your business. Your domain name should be used for a long time to help your business grow its online presence. If you would like help with designing your website, then contact JMF Digital Marketing today.

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