PPC & SEO: Why Your Small Business Should Use Both

JMF Digital Marketing PPC & SEO Why Your Small Business Should Use Both

Pay per click (PPC) advertising and search engine optimization (SEO) are probably the most common and important digital marketing tactics used by small businesses. Often, small business owners usually pick to focus on one or the other. However, this does work well and produce results when these marketing channels are working separately. But if combined in an integrated marketing strategy, it can work wonders for your small business.

What Is Pay Per Click Advertising?

PPC advertising is a form of advertisement that is shown on search engines such as Google and Bing, depending on what PPC platform you choose. Advertisers will bid for keywords that online users will search for, depending on their keyword bids will determine where the ads are displayed on a search engine. For example, if you bid high, expect you add to be in the top 3 spots.

PPC is quite popular because advertisers only pay when an online user clicks on their add. Usually, clicks take online users to the advertiser’s site, lead to a phone call, or directions to your business. With PPC ads, advertisers can target a specific audience, while controlling how much they spend on ads. If you would like to learn more about PPC Ads, then read our blog post “Quick Explanation: What Are PPC Ads?”

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What Is Search Engine Optimization?

SEO is the process of improving and maintaining your website to appeal to search engines. Businesses that utilize good SEO practices benefit from higher rankings on search engines such as Google and Bing. Unlike PPC, SEO will help businesses get found on the organic (naturally) search.

SEO can be rather complex and complicated because there are many factors that play a role in boosting websites appeal to search engines. For instance, for small businesses to be successful they will need to select the right keywords and backlinks for the website. In addition, they will need to make sur

e their website is readable for both their users and search engines, which include size, font, and html tags. If you would like to learn more about SEO, then read our blog post “Quick Explanation: What Is Search Engine Optimization?”

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How PPC & SEO Can Be Used Together To Maximize Your Results

By understanding both how PPC and SEO work you can effectively use them together to maximize your digital marketing results. When using both PPC and SEO you will collect data. Use this data to look for improvements, and for what is working. Typically, this is involved overtime by trial and error and testing multiple alternatives. With data from both sources, you will be able to make a more reliable and validated marketing decisions.

Keyword Research

When you are just starting off, finding the right keywords can be difficult. After all, you must put yourself in your customer shoes and know what exact keywords or phrases enter in search queries. In addition, to evaluating if it is worth targeting a keyword based off its competitiveness and search volume to these keywords or phrases.

Keyword research is used both for SEO and PPC. However, where would anyone begin to look for keywords? Well, if you have a PPC account with Google and/or Bing you should check out their keyword planners. It is better to go to search engines which are the source of PPC and SEO. Rather than third party keyword tools, which can cost an arm and a leg for a small business.

Quality Score

Search Engines give PPC ads a quality score based off how relevant certain keywords are to their landing page or website. Small businesses can use this information for their SEO efforts on whether to make improvements or changes to their pages. How well a business utilizes SEO and keywords on the page can directly impact how well a PPC ad performs for selected keywords. Which can include the number of clicks, the cost, and the conversions.

Use PPC To Gather Data For Your SEO

SEO can take a while and if you are starting off, so data for keywords, conversions, click through rate, and other factors may not be readily available for some time.  With PPC you can get data much faster. The data can be used to see how consumer interact with your website or landing page and can give you an idea on what to do for your SEO long game.

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Learn and Optimize Meta Tags

When using PPC ads you can test out what works and what does not work, so you can make changes to your SEO strategy. For example, your meta tags you create for your ads (header, URL, and description), which are displayed on search engine results for a website, can be used and tested to find out what is most engaging and relevant to consumers.

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Learn About Your Target Audience

With PPC and SEO you can collect data and combine it together to better learn who your target audience is. For example, Google analytics is used to tell SEO specialist the demographics and interactions of an online user that uses your website. PPC platforms also tell us this information as well.

By learning which audience is interested in who you are and what your do, then you can tailor your business around that audience. You can create content on your website to attract this audience and selectively target keywords these individuals are interested in. For example, if senior citizens are contributing to majority of your SEO and PPC efforts, then strategically target them, versus trying to target a different.

Summary: Why You Should Use Both PPC & SEO

When used together it can really drive results to your website especially if you optimize them both based off your data. Targeting by the right keywords and meta tags for your audience is crucial for your click through rates and conversions for both SEO and PPC. Extra data build’s reliability and validity to your decisions. If your interested in SEO and/or PPC ads, then partner with JMF Digital Marketing today.

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