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Website design is the process of creating a functional, mobile and user-friendly website. Website designing includes the planning, layout, appearance, and in some cases, the content for the website.

Creating a new website from scratch can be rather difficult and confusing for someone with no experience. You would have to learn how to connect the website to search engines. Create the layout and structure of the website. Deal with html tagging, make sure your website is mobile responsive and functional. Plus you would have to consider what content to put on your website. 

For content you would want to consider your customer and how to market towards them. You would also have to consider search engine optimization for your website. Ultimately, at the end of the day a website should be helping you achieve your business goals, if not then it was done right. 

This is why so many small business owners hire professional web designers like JMF Digital Marketing, because they take into account all the variables that create a great website to meet your business goals. Below is a video that will help explain what Website design is in greater detail. 

3 Minute Explanation Of Website Designing

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Why is a Website so Important in Digital Marketing?

A website is the core to a business’s digital strategy. The reason why I say this is because websites are connected to every digital marketing channel. For example, search engine optimization is solely based off of building traffic for a website. A website is required for pay per click ads, and is highly relied upon for an ad’s conversion. You can generate email and social media followers from your website. Plus, your email marketing efforts and social media rely of your website for conversion. In addition, your other marketing efforts such as flyers, brochures, and business cards also rely on a website for a conversion.

The internet is where consumers gain most of their information. They trust that your website has valuable information for the services and products that you are promoting. About 75% of people determine the credibility and trust of a company based of their websites design. 94% of online users first impressions are based off the design of a company’s website. 64% of companies increased their sales by having their website mobile responsive for online consumers. In addition, 84% of online consumers will shop with your competitor due to a poor user experience of your website. Ultimately, how well your website is done and maintained can affect your business’s success.

What is The Website Design Process?

The web designing process can vary in length depending on the project. A standard website can take anywhere from 2 to 3 weeks long to complete. A website around 10 to 15 pages can take as long as 4 to 6 weeks. However, this can fluctuate depending on what needs to be done, and how aggressive the designer and client are working together to complete the website. Below is a quick step by step approach of a basic website design process.

  • Analysis: The designer will work with you to define your website purpose, goals, and target audience. 
  • Planning: The designer should recommend the best approach and structure of the website. In addition, they should plan to optimize your results for search engine optimization.
  • Design: The website designer will create a theme for your website with your brand colors, font and sizes.
  • Content and Pictures: In this step the client will either supply the content and pictures to the designer or the designer will copyright the content and add pictures/videos.
  • Website Development: At this step, the designer finishes up the webpage by html tagging and ensuring the website is functional and accessible for a user.
    • User Experience – Mobile Responsive: The website designer should create a high valued user experience website. For example, linking relevant webpages together that a user can quickly access. Plus the designer must make the website mobile responsive for mobile phones and tablets
  • Testing: The last step of the process is testing, this is where the designer checks to make sure everything is working as it should be. For example, if there are any broken links, or if a page is not mobile responsive.

What Are The Benefits Of Hiring A Website Designer?

There are many benefits for a small business to hire a professional website designer or company. Below is a list of of top 5 reasons to hire a professional website designer.

  • It will save you time and enable you to focus on your businesses, instead of having you focus on creating a website.
  • Website delays and errors can cost your business opportunity to make money, hiring a professional can be pricy but my save you money once you consider the opportunity cost (the money you would have made if done right and sooner).
  • A website represents your brand online, so a professional design can positively affect the way consumers and employees view your company.
  • Websites, if created correctly, can be a great lead generator for your business.
  • It can provide your customers with valuable information about your company in real time. For example, letting them know who you are and what you do. Thus, saving you time from answer questions that have already been answered by your website.
  • And More.

Getting a professional website is a great way to spark more business for your company quickly. It opens the door for more opportunities for your business. If you are interested in web designing or need assistance, then contact JMF Digital Marketing today.

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