Real Estate: Benefits Of Having A Website

JMF Digital Marketing Real Estate Benefits Of Having A Website

There are many real estate companies out there trying to compete for new listings and buyers for their properties. However, there are so many real estate agents in the market it can often seem quite difficult to become competitive. Websites are a great opportunity for a real estate company to become more competitive, launch and boost their online presence and connect with more customers.

Websites open the door to a much large audience, if done right. Real estate business can be found on search engines, utilize PPC ads, link your business to social media accounts, directories, review sites, and more. When you think of a website think of it as the infrastructure to your digital marketing efforts, since its so largely connected to other digital marketing channels.

However, many real estate companies do not know about the benefits of a website. Often, they are stuck in their traditional ways of cold calling, door to door sales, and mail marketing. I am not saying these methods do not work, but there are more cost effective and easier ways of getting listings and buyers.

JMF Digital Marketing Real Estate Benefits Of Having A Website

Overview: Benefits Of Having a Real Estate Website

There are many benefits of having a real estate website, especially if you are going to take advantage of digital marketing. Here is list of the most important benefits a real estate company can benefit from having a professionally designed website:

  • Build an online presence
  • Open the door to digital marketing channels
    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertisement
      • Google ad platform
      • Bing ad platform
    • Email Marketing
    • Local SEO
      • Google My Business
      • Bing Places
    • Social Media
  • Generate more leads
  • Show off your listings to prospective buyers
  • Tell them who you are and what you do
  • Build trust with buyers and sellers
  • Websites Can Be Used To Complement Traditional Marketing
  • Learn about your customer
  • Become more competitive

Build An Online Presence

For businesses, a website is usually the first step a business takes to build their online presence. Once you have a website you can be found on search engine such as Google and Bing. From there you can link your website to other sites that are relevant and quality sites.

JMF Digital Marketing Real Estate Benefits Of Having A Website

With a website your business can show up in search queries that are relevant to your website. On your website online users should be able to interact with your services, find your contact information such as address, phone numbers, email address, and more.

The better your online presence the more traffic your website will receive, which will lead to more business. A website creates more opportunity for customers to find you easily and in real time.

Open The Door To Digital Marketing Channels

As I mentioned earlier, websites are what connect other marketing channels together. It is basically the glue that spreads your website to and from different sources throughout the internet. Digital marketing, if done right, allows you to target your customers where they are at with the right message at the right time. There are many ways real estate businesses do this. Here are the most common ways real estate businesses utilize their website to start or boost their digital marketing channels.

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Search Engine Optimization

A website is needed for search engine optimization. After all, search engine optimization is the process of improving and maintaining your website to appeal to search engines. The benefit of SEO to real estate companies is that it allows prospective customers to find them online organically (naturally). There are so many online users search for real estate online. According to Google Ads keyword planner, there are an estimated 10k to 100k searches a month for “real estate companies near me.”

The better your search engine rankings the more traffic to website with the potential of turning all those users into buyers or sellers. If you would like to learn more about SEO, then read our blog post “Quick Explanation: What Is Search Engine Optimization?”

Pay Per Click Advertisement

Just like SEO a website is needed to start PPC ads on both Google and Bing PPC platforms. Pay per click is a form of advertisement that allows advertisers to bid for selected keywords or phrases and only pay when an online user clicks on their ad. Ads can be found typically on the top of the first page of Google, however, may vary depending on other factors.

With PPC ads, real estate advertisers can selectively target their audience. For example, they can target a specific location, demographic, device, and interest. For more information about PPC ads, read our blog post “Quick Explanation: What Are PPC Ads?”

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Google Ads

Real estate companies can benefit from Google ads because of its large volume of online users interested in real estate companies. With Google ads, real estate companies can streamline leads to their business.

Bing Ads

Bing Ads offer real estate companies a cheaper alternative than Google Ads. This platform is less cluttered and have cheaper keywords for bidding. It is easier to get your ad on the top spot of Bing, however there is a much lower search volume.

Email Marketing

Websites are the ideal place for you to generate email subscribers to your newsletters. Email marketing is especially important for real estate companies because they keep buyers and sellers informed with updates, new laws, helpful information, and could be great for promoting your services. With an email subscriber list, you can have warm leads at your disposal, which are people interested in your business. Not all customers are ready to buy now, which makes email marketing a great way to stay fresh in your prospective customers’ minds.

email marketing

Local SEO

You can greatly improve your local SEO efforts with a website. Real estate companies should list the dedicated areas they service as well as their office location. Your website can be used to boost the quality of your Google My Business and Bing Places profile.

Google My Business

Google My Business is probably the most efficient way businesses can get found locally by customers online. Have you ever looked on Google and saw a list of business locally? More than likely, you skipped the business that was closer for a more detailed business with a website. In addition, your website can boost interest and action done by consumers that visit your Google My Business profile.

Bing Places

Bing Places is the equivalent of Google My Business profile, but its for the search engine Bing. Just like PPC ads Bing Places is less cluttered and easier to rank higher for. Even though there is a small volume of online users it should not be ignored by your company. Real estate businesses can greatly benefit from the leads generated by Bing Places.

Social Media

Social media is big and should be big for your real estate business. Real estate businesses rely on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to show of their real estate listings and their services. However, with a website you can direct your social media leads to your website where they can learn more about your listings and company. Property listing post can lead to direct pages on your website that can lead to scheduled appointments with potential buyers. It can also provide them a variety of options for other listings you may have.

social media

Generate More Leads

Websites are a source of your digital marketing leads. As I have just mentioned it can be used as a great complement to additional marketing channels which can bring more prospective customers to your real estate business. Leads generated by the website are called “warm leads” which are individuals who are interested, who have expressed interest into your business. These leads can either be potential buyers or sellers.

Leads can be generated by a website that will collect a prospective customer, name, phone number, email, message, and more depending on what you would like.

Show Off Your Listings To Prospective Buyers

A well-designed real estate website should allow you to list your current listings of all your properties. By providing a detailed description of properties and images, you will create a better user experience for your potential buyers. As a result, this can create more leads for your business. In addition, real estate companies can directly use their created website listings to share on other websites such as: real estate sites and social media.

Show Off Your Listings To Prospective Buyers

A well-designed real estate website should allow you to list your current listings of all your properties. By providing a detailed description of properties and images, you will create a better user experience for your potential buyers. As a result, this can create more leads for your business. In addition, real estate companies can directly use their created website listings to share on other websites such as: real estate sites and social media.

JMF Digital Marketing Real Estate Benefits Of Having A Website listing form
JMF Digital Marketing Real Estate Benefits Of Having A Website social media listing

Tell Them Who You Are And What You Do

A good part of real estate sales is effectively communicating with your customers. A website should be no exception. Websites provide real estate companies the opportunity to connect their brand with customers. They can teach customers why they are the better choice in the market because they do X better than their competitors or they know more about X than their competitors. By establishing who you are and how your relevant to your customers will help establish a level of trust and understanding about your business.

Real estate websites can effectively tell clients what services you provide. By effectively communicating what you do for clients can eliminate any grey area and prevent customer complaints later. In addition, by communicating your services to your target audience can help you connect with that customer’s need. Therefore, they may be more willing and comfortable to work with you since they now exactly what you do.

Build Trust With Buyers And Sellers

Trust is a big thing in the real estate business, since customers are dealing with large life decision purchases. Buyers and sellers look for a trustworthy and reliable real estate company to hire. A website can showcase your reviews and testimonials of past customers. In addition, you can list any accreditations or associations your business is apart of to show that your meet certain standards. Your website can be used to also solicit reviews from current customers, which can positively affect your brand reputation and SEO.

JMF Digital Marketing Real Estate Benefits Of Having A Website trust

Many real estate companies utilize their website for content marketing, which creates content for their specific audience. Valuable and relevant content helps buyers and sellers build trust for your business. They see that you have helped them and given them something of value and are willing to trust you more.

Websites Can Complement Your Traditional Marketing

Websites can really work wonders for a real estate businesses overall marketing strategy. We will briefly discuss how websites can help your content marketing and email marketing efforts.

Content Marketing

To create a website it needs content, which can be text, images, videos, and audio. Content is essential for a website to be successful. However, the content used for the website can be used universally for all other marketing channels. For example, you provided detailed descriptions of your services on your website. This information can then be used on other marketing materials such as brochures, flyers, social media, and anything else. Websites make it easier for you to not have to repeat your work repeatedly since the content is already there.

Mail Marketing

Mail marketing is a traditional form of marketing that is still great. However, it can be a great complement when you mention your website on your real estate marketing prints. This will provide prospective customers more information at their disposal if they visit your website.

JMF Digital Marketing Real Estate Benefits Of Having A Website content marketing

Learn About Your Customers

Websites collect data off online users. You can use this data to tell, which customers are interested in your business and which ones are not. By effectively learning and targeting your target audience you can create messages that are tailored for them which can lead to increased conversions.

If you are wondering how to get this information, you will need a Google Analytics account. Google Analytics will show you the demographics and behavior of users on how they interact with your website.

Become More Competitive

More than likely some of your competitors in your market have a real estate website and they are beating you in market share. By creating a website, you will create more exposure to your brand, which then can potentially lead to more market share for you.

For your website to be competitive it is important that you utilize good SEO practices and keep your website updated with fresh content. If you need help with SEO and/or website design, then contact JMF Digital Marketing today.

Summary: Benefits Of Having a Real Estate Website

Websites are a first impression on users, they will get a feel for your brand’s identity and will determine if they want to work with you. So, build your website professionally and towards your audience. It will open doors for your business so you can become more competitive and successful in your market.

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