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Pay Per Click

JMF Digital Marketing sets up and manages your pay per click ads. Set your own budget and get your products and/or services in front of the competition with Google and Bing Ads. PPC will help drive customers to your business and increase sales. If you do not fully understand what PPC is, then watch the video to your left.

2 Minute Video Explanation of Pay Per Click Ads

JMF Digital Marketing PPC - Pay-Per-Click Advertisement
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Our PPC Services

JMF Digital Marketing provides small and medium businesses pay per click advertisement services. We provide full services in ad setup and ad management, so you can focus on your workWe use Google and Bing for our advertisement platforms, which enable us to make paid search ads, display ads, local services ads, and shopping ads for your business.

PPC Ad Platforms

JMF Digital Marketing google ads Management & setup
Google Ads

Google uses two networks for PPC: search network and display network. Search network covers keywords people search for, while display ads appear while online search engine users browse. With Google, JMF is able to provide you Paid Search Ads, Display Ads, Local Service Ads, and Shopping Ads.​

JMF Digital Marketing bing ads Management & setup
Bing Ads

Bing is owned by Microsoft which and utilize two other search engines: Yahoo and AOL in Bing Ads. With Bing, JMF Digital Marketing will be able to provide you Paid Search Ads, Local Service Ads, and Shopping Ads.

Different Types Of PPC Ads

JMF Digital Marketing Pay Per Click Search Ads
Paid Search

Have your business show up when your customers search for your goods and services.

JMF Digital Marketing Pay Per Click Display Ads
Display Search

Promote your business to customers as they browse online.

JMF Digital Marketing Pay Per Click Local Ads
Local Ads

Connect with customers in your local service area and only pay when they call or get directions to your business.

JMF Digital Marketing Pay Per Click Shopping Ads
Shopping Ads

Promote your products to customers interested in buying what you sell.

Get More Customers Efficiently At Your Own Pace

Benefits of PPC Ads With JMF

JMF Digital Marketing will uses Pay Per Click Ads to bring customers to your business. Whether its by phone call, website traffic, or having them go directly to your business. Partner with us and we can set a budget for PPC, target your customers, and stop the ads when needed.  

JMF Digital Marketing Pay Per Click Ads Benefits Set Your own Budget

Set Your Own Budget

You can create your own budget on PPC ads. Set the amount your most comfortable with. Increase or decrease your budget at anytime.

JMF Digital Marketing Pay Per Click Ads Benefits increase website traffic sales and leads

Increase Website Traffic - More Online Sales & Leads

Grow your business online with ads that direct customers directly to your website. Drive your ecommerce sales, increase your mailing list or book more appointments with customers.

JMF Digital Marketing Pay Per Click Ads Benefits Target your customers

Target Your Customers

At JMF Digital Marketing, we can break down your customer by location, demographic, behavior, and interest. Target customers you want and avoid customers you do not want.

JMF Digital Marketing Pay Per Click Ads Benefits Stop When You Need To

Stop When You Need To

With PPC ads you can stop at anytime. Preventing you from overwhelming situations where you have to many customers and not enough resources to help them.

JMF Digital Marketing Pay Per Click Ads Benefits Get More Calls - Leads

Get More Calls - Leads

With PPC you can display relevant ads to your ideal customers. JMF Digital Marketing can set up your ads so customers can call you directly with a click to call button.

JMF Digital Marketing Pay Per Click Ads Benefits Get More Customers to Your Business

Get More Customers To Your Business

Get more customers to visit your store, restaurant, office, or place of business. These PPC ads help people find your business on the map, directing them to your business.

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