What Content Should A Website Have?

What Content Should A Website Have

The content you should have on your website will be determined by your business goals, audience, your desired message. The effectiveness of your content will rely on how well you communicate, connect, and acquire your audience into taking your desired action. As a result, you should create relevant and valuable content for your audience, which may include using a variety of different types of content such as: video, text, image, infographic, and audio.

Content A Website Should Have

It is important for your website’s content to be unique to your brand and to your audience. Avoid plagiarizing from your competitors and other websites as it can create a negative effect on your website’s search performance. In addition, their content may be designed for a different goal than your own, or it may be for a different audience.

Nevertheless, the content should be built for your business.

Content To Achieve Your Business Goals

The purpose of your website should be to help you fulfil your business goals. After all, why would you have a website if you are not trying to achieve anything. Your content should be created to help you meet those goals. Whether your goals are to establish yourself as a more authority figure, connect with more customers, build an online presence, etc.

Your content needs to be goal driven. So, you can track and measure your results. In addition, it will provide you with direction and purpose of all your content efforts.

To be successful you will need to develop a content strategy that derives from your business goals. Your content strategy should be developed to appeal and acquire your audience to taking a profitable action. As a result, you need to know your audience(s) and your desired message(s).

Content For Your Audience

You must identify who your customer(s) and/or audience(s) is to effectively create content designed for them. Your content should be both relevant and valuable to your audience.

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Relevant Content

All your website’s content should be built around your audience, which means all your content needs to be relevant to them. Relevant content grabs your audience attention.

Your audience visits your website to problem solve, whether it is to get access to helpful information, products, and/ or services. It is important to use words that your audience will understand. Relevant content is precise, clear, and understandable by your audience.

Valuable Content

To keep users engaged on your website you need to provide them with value. Valuable content helps establish trust and authority with your audience. Valuable content is both usable and useful to your users.

Ultimately, it is important to always provide you audience with relevant and valuable content, which makes it important to understanding and providing content that your audience is seeking.

Your Content Should Include Your Message

Throughout your website your content should be sending your audience a message, often through a call to action. Your message or call to action is what your want to audience to do next, often this is a profitable action. For example, email subscription signs up, buy now, or contact now.

Each webpage or topic should have a specific message or goal to a specific audience. As a result, your content will better connect and relate to your audience. Ultimately, creating a better user experience and engagement from your audience.

Different Types Of Content You Should Have On Your Website

Content comes in many forms, which can help you better connect with your audience. As a result, it is recommended to use a variety of different types of content to better connect you with your audience. Different types of content include text, image, icons, infographics, and video.


Text is the most common and primary form of content on a website. It is how we textually communicate with our audience by enabling them to view or read our content.


Image content is important to help provide your audience with visual communication. Most users will not read through your website and will rely heavily on images to draw their attention and understand your content.


Icons are simplistic forms of visual communication that help your audience identify what your content will be about.


Infographics are both a visual and textual form of communication. Typically, they are used to provide users eye catching and informative information.


Video is a form of visual communication that gives users a richer content experience. Typically, websites with a video have users stay on their website longer. Additionally, they are great way quickly explain information to your audience.

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Examples Of Content Your Should Have On Your Website

Content will vary from website to website. However, we created a list of the most common examples of content you should include on your website:


One of the main pieces of content any website should include on their website is their services. You want to tell customers what you do and how you can help them. Explain all your main services to your audiences. After all your purpose is probably to sell you services to clients.


If you sell products, then you should have content that explains your products. For example, an image, price, and a text description. By informing your customers about your products can help build a better customer experience and lead to more conversions.


Customers want to know why they should buy from you. Create content that explains what your company is about and what you do better than your competitors.


Let your customers know what industries and customers you serve. Be realistic with yourself and your prospective customers on who your goods and/or services are for.


Resources are valuable information and tools that can help create value for your audience. For example, a frequently asked questions, a cost calculator, forums, and other resources.


Let customers know what they can expect working with you. Write content about the processes of your services and/or products.


Blogs are the main source of content for most popular websites. It includes are large pool of content that answers their audience questions, provides them with valuable information, and more. Blogs are a great way to include content you normally would not fit on your main pages such as your services or client page.

Contact Information

One of the most important information to provide your audience with your contact information. For example, your address, phone number, email, and other relevant contact information.

Key Takeaways: Content A Website Should Have

The content you should include on your website will be determined by your business goals, customers, and by what you are trying to tell your audience. Content is how you communicate with your audience, whether its textual or visual.

The best content you can provide your audience is valuable and relevant to your audience. Trying to implement different forms of content such as: text, images, infographics, icons, and videos to capture and acquire your audience. Additionally, you should create content that is specific and unique to your company.

Depending on your business will dictate what content you put on your website such as: a blog, services, product information, industries served, and other key content topics your audience will be interested in learning about.

Ultimately, your content is designed to provide you users with answers to their problems. Whether you are just providing rich information, services, and/or products. Eventually, this content will help you achieve your business goals.


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