What Pictures Should I Use On My Business’s Website?

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Pictures are an important form of content every website needs to have to be successful. Images and photos are often used by businesses, friends, family members etc., to help communicate with us visually. According to the Content Marketing Institute, 51% of B2B marketers are prioritizing the use of visual communication for their content marketing strategies.

Content marketing is creating content with the purpose of appealing and acquiring your audience into making a profitable action. Many B2B marketers see the value of creating visual aids such as photos and images to help explain their content. Which is why it is important to select the right photos for your business’s website.

In this blog post, we will discuss how to choose the best pictures for your website and the benefits of using pictures on your website.

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How To Select The Best Images For Your Business Website

Use High Quality Images

The purpose of your website is to promote your business to your audience. It is recommended that you always put your best foot forward when trying to sell yourself to your customers. As a result, you should take time in the selection of images by making sure they are high quality.

High quality images are images with large pictures and a high resolution. These images will work best for your website, whether a user is using a desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone. Quality pictures make quality websites, so do not take short cuts for cheap photos you may take with your cellphone. We recommend you use a quality camera to capture the best quality image as possible. It really makes a difference, and your customers will notice. See examples below.

picture high resolution png
camera picture low resolution jpg

Images Should Help You Explain What You Are Telling Your Audience

Probably the most important purpose of images on your website is to help you effectively communicate with your audience. Whatever your topic is about or text section on what you are trying to explain to your audience, it should be complimented with an image.

The image you select should be relevant to what you are trying to communicate. In addition, it should help provide some level of value to consumers. For example, does your image help teach your audience what you are trying to tell them? Does the image get consumers more engaged? Ultimately, your pictures should help fulfil your webpage’s purpose.

Optimize Your Images For SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) involves a series of practices that help improve your websites ranking on search engines. Since pictures are part of a website, they need to be optimized to appeal to search engines. To do this, your website designer must decrease the size of the image and descriptions to images. If you are interested in testing the speed of your webpage, then click here.

The sizes of your pictures matter on your website. A picture that is too big can cause your website to slow down, especially if you have multiple pictures per page. Ultimately, you would want to find a plugin to compress your images such as Imagify or Short Pixel. These plugins make your images more search engine friendly by compressing the size of your images, while maintaining quality of an image.

You want to also describe what the image is. You can do this by filling out the pictures: alternative text, title, caption, and description. It helps users and search engines identify what you are trying to talk about.

Webpage Optimization with pictures

Select What Type Of Image File You Want

The two most common image files used are JPGs and PNGs. Each of these image files have their advantages and disadvantages for your website.

JPEGs are small images compared to PNGs. As a result, they do not have the same level as quality as PNGs. We recommend you use JPEGs if you are trying to appeal better to search engines and improve your websites speed. However, if you feel it is more important for you to capture your customers attention, then use PNGs.

Use Infographics

Infographics are extremely useful in communicating with your audience. They are a combination of text and visual communication that people enjoy reading. See example above.

Showoff Your Work

Pictures of you work should be displayed on your website. Your audience visits your website because they are interested in what you have to offer. However, customers always need to build a certain level of trust to make a purchase. As a result, you should display your best work to your customers.

By showing off your work, you are providing to prospective customers with an expectation for your services and/or products. It provides them with clarity and limits confusion, which can be beneficial at limiting complaints and misinterpretations later. See example below of our work.

Edit Your Images

Often you are not able to find an image the fully explains what your trying visual communicate with your audience. However, do not be afraid of editing photos. Edit photos to your advantage, you can make them unique with filters to help users evaluate an image, or you can add text to them to help them explain. For example, you may want to add a call to action to image. Usually, this is done by a box that says, “contact us” or “buy now,” either way it works and helps bring in conversions.

Often, images make a great background for certain sections of your website. Which is why you would put text over it. Pictures help explain a page and create a uniqueness to a webpage. Just make sure whatever text or call to action you apply to image is readable and identifiable.

What Are The Benefits Of Selecting The Best Images For Your Website?

Images play a vital role in your content marketing strategy. They help you appeal and acquire you audience to act. As a result, it can bring your business a lot of benefits. Below, is a list of common benefits you may receive by selecting the best images for your website.

Increase Your Audience’s Engagement

Images help users connect with your business. Whether you are trying to tell them who you are and what your do, or you are simply trying to just educate them. They keep users on your page because it makes the webpage look less dull and boring to read. Seriously, go to a website with a long paragraph of text. See how far you get before you get disengaged and leave the website. It is just so unappealing and lazy by a business.

Avoid the mistake and display pictures throughout your website. You will be surprised with the increase of engagement from your audience.

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Decrease Your Bounce Rate

A bounce rate is determined by users who visit your page and leave without visiting another page. If you do not have images on your website, you will have less engaged users, which will result in a high bounce rate. Even if you do have images, they must be relevant and provide value to users to help keep them on your website.

Better User Experience

Better content creates a better user experience. For content to be effective you must communicate with your audience effectively. Which draws to the importance of selecting the best photos for your audience.

The user experience is how users felt when using your website. They can find your website helpful, pleasant, information, or a waste of time. As a website owner, it is your duty to deliver the highest user experience possible. A good user experience can bring increased sales and bring users back to your website.

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Increased Sales

Keep users on your website is key. The longer a user spends on your website the more they become invested with your business. Content on your website should be designed to build a relationship with you audience. More importantly you must aim to establish trust with your audience as an authority figure and expert. Ultimately, this will all lead to more sales from your website.

Establish A Better Relationship With Your Audience

Relationships are built overtime, with online users coming back because of your content and staying on your page longer helps create a bond between you and your customers. Basically, you are building your brand loyalty with your audience. If you keep giving them valuable and relevant content such as images, then they will keep coming back to you.

You can stay fresh in the minds if you utilize and email subscription list and share content with them occasionally. Yes, pictures play a role in all of this by just keeping them engaged and by effectively communicating with your audience.

Your Content Will Be More Likely Shared

As discussed earlier, your audience will love your content. Which gives them even more reason to share your content via social media with others. This can help boost your social media presence.

Increase Your SEO

Search engines like Google and Bing rank websites higher if they have better content. If you are drawing more traffic to your website from routine users and new users, then your rank will increase over time. In addition, the content you create will be more likely to earn a backlink from a follower website.

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Key Takeaways: What Pictures Should You Use On Your Website?

Pictures can work wonders for your website, which is why its so important to select the best pictures. Always make sure you select high quality photos that can help connect your content with your audience. Be sure to optimize your website so they do not slow down your website. Make sure you do your best explaining your images to your audience as well.

There are many benefits for selecting the right images for your website. You can boost your SEO, social media presence, and establish a better relationship with your audience. As a result, you may see an increase in website traffic and sales.

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