Why Are Website Expensive?

Why are websites so expensive? Money

If you are the market for a new website for your small business, then you have probably noticed why websites are so expensive. Websites become expensive based off multiple variables that impact the overall cost of the website such as: quality, designer, user experience, value, support, features, complexity, size, and more.

Websites are an investment for your company in building your online presence. Often, this may be the only interaction an individual has with your brand, or it may be the only way of a customer potentially learning of your brand. As a result, everyone who wants to establish their business online wants to put their best foot forward, in hoping they get more customers.

Most basic professional websites go for about +$3,000. Nevertheless, there are website design companies out there that will create you a cheap website for as low as $149. You may be wondering why you would pay more for something that you can get cheaper, right? Well, not every website is created equally. There are poor quality websites, often made cheaply and in a rush for a quick buck, then there are those more expensive professional websites made to deliver results for your business.

A Bad and Cheap Website Versus A Professional and Expensive Website

Unfortunately, many small and new business find cheap websites quite appealing and end up buying one. However, sooner or later they will realize they threw their money away. Often, they will notice that their website does not produce results.

The purpose of a website is to pursue and achieve your business goals. Ultimately, this is what separates professional websites form bad and cheap ones. However, how can you differentiate a bad website from a great website?

quality vs cheap dices used to explain help explain why quality websites are better than cheap

The Bad And Cheap Website Design

Ultimately, bad websites are a wasted investment and should be avoided at all costs. Despite, the unrealistic low prices and promises made by website design companies, many businesses succumb to these bad deals. Here are some characteristics of a bad website:

  • Poor User Experience Design
    1. Website information is not relevant or valuable to your users.
    2. It is hard for your audience to find information and navigate the website.
    3. Users do not understand what you are trying to say.
  • Not Mobile Responsive
    1. Website is not compatible on tablets or mobile phones.
  • Functionality Problems
    1. Broken links and pages.
    2. Website load is slow.
    3. There are bugs and glitches.
  • Poorly Optimized For Search Engines
    1. Users can not find your website online.
    2. You get no traffic to your website.
    3. Your website is not indexed or readable to search engines.
    4. Your website has been penalized for copied content and design, usually because the designer used a template to make the entire site.
  • And more.
Bad and cheap websites have 404 errors on the pages

The Professional and Expensive Website Design

A great website is a professional website that typically cost $3,000 for a basic website design and setup. Professional websites are designed to drive results, meet your business goals, appeal to audience and search engines, create conversions, and more. Here are some characteristics of a good website design.

  • High Quality User Experience
    1. Websites are valuable, desirable, usable, useful, findable, accessible, and credible for users.
    2. Information is easily found and understand.
  • Mobile Responsive Design
    1. Users can access a compatible version of your website with mobile devices: tablets and phones.
  • Website Is Functional
    1. No broken links or pages.
    2. Loads quickly.
  • Search Engine Friendly
    1. Website is indexed and readable by search engines.
    2. More traffic to your website because users can find you.
  • And more.
JMF Digital Marketing Website JMF Commercial Construction Mobile Responsive Picture

Key Takeaways: Cheap Websites Versus Expensive Websites

Unfortunately, many small business owners are unaware of the quality differences and outcomes of purchasing a cheap website instead of a more expensive professionally made one. Which makes the decision making of selecting the right website designer all more important. Use your best judgement in selecting the best possible website designer for your company. Despite, it being more expensive to hire a professional website design company, it can really make your investment worth it where you can earn a return on investment and more.

We recommend small businesses to learn about prospective website designers prior to hiring them. For example, you can ask your web designer questions about your project to help clarify if you are getting a more professionally made website. Often, the price of the website should reflect the amount of work, expertise, and value provided into a professional website.

For example, you can take our approach to our website design process and how we deliver value and results to our clients.

Why JMF Digital Marketing Websites Are More Expensive Than Generic Websites

When we work with clients, we look to create a website that is built for their business to give them the best chance at reaching their desired business goals. As a result, our website design process takes longer, requires more research, expertise, and knowledge to produce your website. Ultimately, this increases the cost of us to plan, design, and develop your website.

Understanding Your Business

Understanding our client’s business is an important factor in the website’s success. We want to tailor the website to meet our client’s goals, whether they are looking to increase sales, build brand awareness, or grow their online presence. Furthermore, we need to understand our client’s target audience. For example, we will discover what your users are looking for. What your competitors are doing and how we can beat them. In addition, to learning what works and what does not. Ultimately, we research your industry and recommend the best approaches for your business.

We understand the importance of creating a competitive advantage in your marketplace and your website should be no exception. So, it is best for us to understand your audience so we can better appeal and acquire them into becoming your customers and not your competitors. Once, we understand what needs to be done, then we start designing and creating your website.

Unfortunately, most of our competitors tend to jump straight into the website designing and developing without a game plan or your interest in mind. As a result, they offer you a cheaper website, because they are creating you just a generic website. Understanding your business takes time, which contributes to the cost of a more expensive website.

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Website Design, Search Engine Optimization, Content, And Digital Marketing

When JMF Digital Marketing begins creating a website, we consider all elements that impact your website positively and negatively. Unlike our competitors, we do not just put content and a design together without any purpose. Everything we put on your website has a reason.

For example, for your website to be successful in obtaining traffic it must be findable for users. Therefore, we look to utilize the best search engine optimization (SEO) practices possible. Ultimately, we make your website more readable and appealing to search engines to want to rank you higher than your competitors. SEO requires a certain level of expertise, which is one more reason why we are more expensive than our competitors.

Knowing you audience to your website is key. If hired to produce copywriting content for your pages, we will tailor your website to appeal and acquire your audience. Ultimately, this will make your website more expensive. However, with our expertise we can better target your audience and increase your conversion rates. Eventually, the relevant and valuable information we will provide your audience will enable you to make back your return on investment in no time.

We have a digital marketing background which compliments website designing. We know how to utilize the best marketing tactics on your website to help meet your business goals. In addition, we can also prep your website for pay per click (PPC) advertisement.

By partnering with us we will enable you to get a better overall product that will pay for itself. A less expensive product will be inferior in fulfilling your business goals and making your return on investment. Our objective is to make our clients successful, which involves them making their return on investment, as well as maximizing their profit potential while utilizing their website.

marketing strategy
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Expert Knowledge & Advice

At JMF Digital Marketing we are aiming to provide you the best customer experience possible. We want you to make the most informed decisions that are best for your business. As a result, we will provide you with detailed explanations of our recommendations, so you make the best decisions and/or approach on your website.

We want our customer to make the most confident decisions throughout partnership. This involves asking questions, for support, and for training. JMF Digital Marketing will not just create you a website, but we will set you up for success.

For example, we will look to provide you with multiple options for desired features and functions of your website. Since, prices tend to vary amongst plugins being free to a huge monthly fee. We will educate you on the difference between each and help you decide on what best for you.

Ultimately, we are investing more time and effort into business which can contribute to the overall expense of the website. However, most of our clients see the value of making having peace at mind, knowing their website is in the right hands.

Revisions, Support, & Training

Your website’s success reflects JMF Digital Marketing. As a result, we aim to provide you the best product possible by offer our clients up to 2 revisions per page, and additional revisions at a fee. Ultimately, revisions cost time and effort of designers which also create more of expense for a website design.

We offer our clients support and training. JMF works to train our clients after completion of the website design. We utilize WordPress, a content management system, which is easy for small business owners to learn and manage their websites. Websites are complex and you will not learn everything which is why we offer support in addition to training for an additional fee.

Summary: Why Are Websites Expensive?

Professional websites can be expensive for small business owners due to many components such as:

  • The size and complexity of a website.
  • Website designer/company expertise.
  • Research and analysis of your industry.
  • Support and training.
  • Desired features and website functions.
  • On Page SEO (basic or advanced)
  • Time and effort a designer invest into a project.
  • And more.

If you are looking to utilize your business goals to help you reach your business goals, then look to invest money into a quality website. Prices can vary from +$3000 for a professional website. However, whatever you do, do not fall victim to those cheap websites that are $149 bucks. If it sounds too good to be true it most likely is.

Bad websites are a poor investment which will not deliver you any results. Your website will not get any traffic or sales from it. Additionally, you will eventually look to hire a professional designer to create you a website that delivers your desired results. Ultimately, you want to avoid this mistake to save money and time.

Partner with JMF Digital Marketing, we help small businesses get quality website for a fair and reasonable cost. We look to provide customers value, despite our prices being expensive, the result will be worth it. As you have read, there is more to a website than you may think, which ultimately, contributes to a higher cost of a website. Contact us today or request an instant estimate to get started!

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