Why Do You Need A Call To Action On Your Website?

You need a call to action on your website to help promote and direct your audience to take your desired action. Call to actions help build value to your website by producing more leads, email subscribers, and sales through your website.

A call to action is your message to your audience on what action you want to them to take next. Often, this is a mutual action taken by your audience to receive relevant and valuable information, or to reach a desired result.

What Is A Call To Action Example?

There are many different types of call to actions, which you can use. Here is a list of the most common types of call to actions used by marketers.

  • Contact us now
  • Call us now
  • Get a Quote
  • Subscribe to our newsletter
  • Register now
  • Watch now
  • Sign up
  • Join
  • Learn more
  • Get more information
  • Download

As you can see there are many types of call to actions. There are hundreds of calls to actions you can come with, with different variations. However, you should use a call to action that will best represent what you want your audience to do next.

5 Reasons Why You Need A Call To Action On Your Website

Many successful websites utilize call to actions to help achieve their goals. Call to actions can play a huge role in building your online presence, gaining new online subscribers, generating more leads, and more.

Here is a list of reasons why you need a call to action on your website:

Get More Conversions

Whether you are looking for more product sales, contact form submissions, or new subscribers, a call to action can improve your conversion rate. Ultimately, by strategically placing a call to action throughout your user’s journey, you will be encouraging and guiding them to take your desired action.

Without a call to action, many users will not take that next step without direction. Your audience wants to make decisions with confidence. Call to actions is a good form of communication between you and your audience, which can eliminate any confusion from your audience.

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Your Audience Will Be More Engaged

Call to actions improve the user experience and get users more engaged with your website’s content. They help direct users to the stage of obtaining more relevant and valuable information. As a result, users will stick around more on your website, become routine visitors, and more likely to become a customer.

For example, you list all your services in a section on your homepage. For each service you provide you have a call to action “learn more” to direct users to learn more about that specific service.

Without a call to action, users will be more likely to leave your page or interact with your website.

Promote Your Audience To Making A Purchase

Call to actions can be a great way to draw users in for promotions, products, and services. Typically, this can be done by a banner on a website soliciting a promotion. Perhaps, you have products and want users to add them to the cart. Maybe, you are selling service packages and want users to take that step to hire you.

Grow Your Email Subscribers And Social Media Followers

If you have a business social media page or an email subscription on your website, you can grow your followers by utilizing call to actions. For example, if you want more followers on your social media, then clearly state to your audience to follow you. If you are interested in gaining more email subscribers, then create a call to action for users to sign up. Typically, this is located in the footer or in a popup of a website.

Get Your Content Shared

One way to promote sales, improve brand awareness, and your search engine optimization is to encourage users to share your content. Whether your website has a service page or many blogs post. Provide users with the option of sharing your content with others who may interested. You never know what customers or backlinks you may receive from it.

What Makes A Call To Action Effective?

Anyone can create any call to action for their website. However, not every call to action is created equally. Therefore, creating an effective call to action requires thought, planning, and proper execution. Below, are some tips on how to make an effective call to action for your audience.

Create A Sense Of Urgency

If you noticed most of our examples, where time sensitive call to actions. By creating a sense of urgency for your audience, you will get them to move and act now, rather than later. Ultimately, a sense of urgency can position you audience to feel as if they are going to lose something of value if they do not act now. Furthermore, you are also providing them direction when to take their action.

For example, “Purchase a website today for half price, sale ends today!” Your audience will feel pressured to act out of the fear of missing out on a deal.

Another example, “Contact us now.” By letting your audience know to contact you now provides more of a direction and clarity, than just simply stating contact us.

Have It Standout

You want your audience to notice your call to action easily and quickly. Your users are time sensitive. Eliminate the barriers of making it harder to identify their next step or what desired action you wish they take. Ultimately, you are not just communicating your message to your audience, but you are visually trying to grab their attention to your call to action.

For example, you may want to highlight your call to action in a color that will be easily identified by your audience. Most marketers, tend to use a highlighted box (button) around your call to action.

Make It Readable

Do not use unreadable fonts or sizes. You want your audience to clearly identify and read your call to action. Avoid fancy fonts and cluttering the call to action with additional content.


Be smart with your placement of your call to actions. Call to actions should not be forced into a website and should occur naturally. Otherwise, they will not be effective if they are not relevant or valuable to your users.

We recommend you have a call to action in the top right part of your website’s header. As a result, you will capture more users with your call to action and it is easily findable.

Do Not Overuse Call To Actions

The more messages you are trying to send to your customers, the less effective they will become. However, the amount of call to actions will vary from webpage to webpage depending on the content, complexity, and size of the webpage.

We recommend you avoid spamming your customers to contact your, or to request a quote. However, you can use more call to actions when it is for an information purpose such as: learn more. Ultimately, you will be positioning yourself as an asset than a pushy salesman.

Key Takeaways: Why You Need A Call To Action On Your Website

You need a call to action on your website to better communicate your desired action for your users. In addition, it improves the user experience in helping users find more relevant and valuable information, or to reach a desired result.

Call to actions can help you improve your website’s results. They can improve your conversions, user engagement, soliciting purchases and promotions, gain more followers, and get your content out there. Ultimately, they can help you meet your business goals.

However, you need to make an effective call to action for you to achieve your desired results. For example, you call to action should be findable, noticeable, and easily understood by your audience. In addition, it should provide value and contribute to the user’s overall experience.

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